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M etallurgy

ChelPipe Group is a major player in the Russian metallurgical market and a leading domestic producer of steel pipes.

About us
Tubular products
Achievement We set goals
and achieve success
ChelPipe Group implements fully-integrated and innovative solutions, continuously boosts its productivity, and builds long-term relationships with customers and partners. The orders fulfilled by ChelPipe Group production sites have a significant impact on Russia’s global image.
Health We care about ourselves
and everyone around us
Thanks to the use of safe technologies and materials, modernized ChelPipe Group companies have a minimal impact on the environment and produce environmentally friendly products. The company also supports social programs and creates conditions so employees can live a healthy lifestyle.
Reliability We are confident in the future
ChelPipe Group meets the expectations of customers, and guarantees high quality products and full compliance with deadlines. The company upgrades its technology, honors its history, respects the tradition and ensures environmental safety and adherence to social obligations.
Involvement We care about
the common cause
ChelPipe Group meets the requirements of the modern market, implements social and charitable programs, and recognizes responsibility to its employees and customers. Everyone in the company contributes to its overall success and transforms society through the META philosophy.
Creation We transform ourselves
and the world around us
ChelPipe Group produces high-quality and significant products for society. The company increases the prestige of skilled professions and introduces people to a new world view. A comfortable working environment with opportunities for self-realization, training and creativity has been created for metallurgists.

The products of the enterprises of the METAllurgy meet the most stringent modern standards, and often are ahead of the market requirements for several years ahead.

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ChelPipe Group is a leading supplier of oil pipes. The company produces a wide range of tubing, casing and oil and gas pipes and couplings. A special place in the production and supply of these products is occupied by pipes with ChelPipe Prime premium threaded connections.

“White well”

ChelPipe Group is proud to offer “White well”, a unique fully-integrated product for the selection, production and supply of submersible equipment, taking into account the specific conditions and design features of wells.

Exports to 52 countries

ChelPipe Group is a vertically integrated universal company operating in all segments of the pipe market

Pipes of all sizes

The plants produce pipes from capillary tube size (0.6 mm in diameter) to large-diameter pipes (1,420 mm in diameter)

ChelPipe Group

is among the top producers of tubular products worldwide

Company news
ChelPipe Group Announces Financial and Operating Results for H1 2020
ChelPipe Group Announces Financial and Operating Results for H1 2020
August 11
PJSC «ChelPipe» is announcing operating results for the 1st quarter of 2020
PJSC «ChelPipe» is announcing operating results for the 1st quarter of 2020
May 08
Completed projects
TAPI (Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India) trunkline

Segment: LDP and other welded pipes. TAPI is a gas trunkline to be built from the east of Turkmenistan. Its purpose is to supply natural gas from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Segment: LDP and other welded pipes

OCTG for Surgutneftegaz fields

Segment: Oil and gas pipes. Surgutneftegaz is a Russian oil major with upstream and downstream operations in oil and gas.

Segment: Oil and gas pipes

Saryarka trunkline

Segment: LDP and other welded pipes. The Saryarka trunkline will supply natural gas to Kazakhstan’s Nur-Sultan and also to central and northern parts of the country.

Segment: LDP and other welded pipes

Rostov Arena Stadium

The Rostov Arena Stadium was built in 2018 specifically to host the FIFA World Cup matches. Its design closely resembles that of a vast wave wrapping three-tier spectator stands.

Segment: Seamless industrial pipes

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