Manufacturing solutions for tube makers

At Fives, the Tube and Pipe business line covers engineering, manufacturing and supply of custom engineered machines under the historical names of Abbey, Bronx, OTO and Taylor-Wilson to process seamless and welded tube and pipe products.


Tube mill lines

With more than 100 years experience, Fives delivers the highest quality and precision in its complete range of Abbey and OTO welding tube mill lines.

Packaging solutions from Fives

Fives provides a complete range of packaging solutions, including Robopack - automatic packaging system, to process any tubular products.

Bronx straighteners from Fives

Fives has been specializing in Bronx straighteners for more than 60 years, providing high standards of straightness and surface finish.

Finishing equipment from Fives

Fives provides a complete range of Taylor-Wilson finishing equipment enabling to meet criteria for reliability and accuracy for any tubular products.

Automation from Fives for tube and pipe machinery

Fives designs, supplies and commissions complete automation systems for new plants or existing facilities as part of refurbishing projects.

Services from Fives for tube and pipe makers

Complete life-cycle support: proactive assistance enabling clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installation during operation.

Fives in Tube and Pipe

Mill line with Robopack


Tube mill lines and finishing equipment to meet the quality demands of the automotive, construction, general mechanical tubing, oil & gas, chemical and nuclear industries.

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