Slurry Pumps

For more than 50 years, HMH has manufactured piston diaphragm slurry pumps and numerous positive displacement pumps becoming an industry leader.

Our field-proven slurry pumps can transport any type of slurry and are used frequently in the following industries:

  • Concentrate transport (ores, potash, coal, oil sand and minerals etc.)
  • Tailings transport (copper, iron, red mud etc.)
  • Processing industry (autoclave and digester feeding)
  • Underground mining (mine dewatering, desludging, backfill and hydraulic ore hoisting)
  • Oil industry (oil sand tailing disposal and pipeline transport)
  • Power industry (high concentrate slurry disposal (HCSD) for ash and coal slurry, long-distance transport)

Product Portfolio
HMH offers a full line of high-pressure slurry pumps covering every type of slurry application. These field-proven heavy-duty pumps have power ratings all the way up to 3 000 kW.

We offer different product variants with pressure ratings of up to 30 MPa and flow rates of up to 1400 m³/h to meet any project requirement or slurry application. The exact specifications of the pump are fully dependent on the project requirements and our tailor-made solutions are built to the highest quality standards.

Our heavy-duty slurry pumps can be supplied in several configurations:

  • Piston or piston diaphragm
  • Duplex or triplex
  • Single or double-acting
  • High temperature
  • With electric motors and VFD

Continuous Product Development
HMH’s unique Pulsation Reduction System (PRS) is one of our most recent developments to increase pump performance. PRS compensates vibrations and converts the pulsation energy into heat, acting like a shock absorber. This allows smooth pump operation, even at high speeds.

Worldwide Service
Sales, service and support, replacement of parts and training are all handled by our global network of regional service hubs.

We guarantee the constant availability of all critical replacement parts and our customers benefit from our 24/7 technical back-up service.

Our specialists are ready and available to support you in resolving any problems that may occur – within a matter of hours. Continuous training at our in-house training center enables professional handling of technically complex systems and equipment. Individual long-term service and maintenance packages can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of each project.

Duplex Double-acting Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Our duplex double-acting piston diaphragm pumps (DPM) are a field-proven solution to cover the whole range of pressures and flow rates. They are especially applied to transport high volumes.

Triplex Double-acting Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Our triplex double-acting piston diaphragm pumps (TDPM) achieve very high flow rates in the transport of abrasive slurry. They combine the well-established triplex single-acting configuration with the duplex double-acting pumping principle. The TDPMs are therefore are equipped with three pistons working on both sides of the piston body. This configuration offers an economical solution for high flow rates at medium pressure.

Our powerful TDPM offers a feasible alternative to multistage centrifugal pump systems.

Triplex Single-acting Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Our triplex single-acting piston diaphragm pumps (TPM) are the most widely used solution covering the whole range of pressures and flow rates.

In 1968, we developed the first triplex single-acting piston diaphragm pump, which is now a standard technology in the transport of highly abrasive media. Based on our long-term experience, we provide you with a well-established and reliable technology, that proves its benefits, especially in high-pressure applications.

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