Шпунт аппарат Blowtie под фитинг Duotight Ø 8мм(5/16) для ферментации под давлением

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Описание шпунт аппарат Blowtie

Sheet piling device without pressure gauge Blowtie for Duotight fitting - Ø 8mm (5/16) a compact solution for pressure control and regulation during wort fermentation, works with pressure fermenters such as Fermzilla and similar.

The tongue of the device is based on a diaphragm valve, which works to open and close, releasing excess carbon dioxide, thereby precisely maintaining the set pressure. Compared to classical piston sheet piling devices, diaphragm ones do not lack the pressure difference when opening and closing the valve (the piston structure with a spring releases more gas than necessary and as a result, the pressure in the vessel drops below the set value), providing more accurate pressure maintenance in the fermenter and his control.

Recently, the fermentation of wort under pressure at home has become more and more popular, the question arises of a high-quality and accurate control of this process and our tongue-and-groove apparatus does an excellent job of this, providing a smooth release of pressure without failures throughout the fermentation.

Also, a sufficient useful function will be to pour beer from the fermenter into a keg or a bunch of keg-kegs using a tongue-and-groove apparatus, it will help equalize the pressure in the overflow vessel and maintain the already existing level of carbonation. This is especially true when pouring an already carbonated beer or other beverage.

The Blowtie tongue is a light version of the modernized Blowtie 2 model with the ability to connect an external pressure gauge, the maximum useful pressure of the valve itself is 0-40psi (2.5bar) , which is quite enough for optimal operation with our Fermzilla keg fermentors, both during fermentation and carbonation ... External gauge options: 0-15psi (1bar) , 0-40psi (2.5bar) , 0-150psi (10bar) .


  • connect the hose to the outlet groove of the device; an arrow of the outlet gas movement is indicated on the body. Hose connection diameter 8mm (5/16).
  • Tighten the yellow screw completely (max pressure)
  • Connect the other end to a keg or fermenter, if necessary use an optional Duotight fitting (sold separately)
  • Set the required pressure by gradually unscrewing the screw counterclockwise. When the pressure in the tank rises above the set value, the valve will open and release excess gas.

Never exceed the pressure applied to the tongue of the device more than that provided by the pressure gauge, this may lead to its breakdown.

Compatible with our hoses - EVABarrier 4 x 8 mm and EVABarrier 5 x 8 mm .

Характеристики шпунт аппарат Blowtie

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