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Reducing Plate Flange 16 inch to 14 inch

Reducing Plate Flange 16 inch to 14 inch for IPS pipe, class 150 bolt hole pattern, 1/2 inch thick, carbon steel
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Full Description

Reducing Flange Dimensions

Part#: PFDLW16x14

Reducing slip on flange has an inside diameter to weld onto 14 inch IPS pipe (14 inch OD) with bolt hole mounting pattern to match a 16 inch class 150 flange.

Tube flange bolt hole pattern: ANSI, 150# flange

Tube flange Inside Diameter (ID): 14.19 inches

Tube flange Outside Diameter (OD): 23.5 inches

Tube flange Bolt Hole Center Diameter: 21.25 inches

Tube flange Bolt Hole Diameter: 1.13 inches

Tube flange Number of Bolt Holes: 16

Tube flange thickness: 0.5 inches

Tube flange ship weight: 47 lbs

Material: Carbon steel per AWWA C207-13 specifications

Flange style: Plate flange, flat face flange, ring flange, weld flange or slip on flange

These plate slip on flanges have a phonographic finish face to provide excellent adhesion with gasket during installation. This steel pipe flange is coated with a light weight oil for rust prevention.

This reducing flange welds onto a 14 inch pipe (all schedules) and mates with a 16 inch class 150 flange.  Reducing slip on flanges are used to transition to a smaller turbing size. 

Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Thickness 1/2"
Product Type Slip On Flanges
ID Type Tube
Material Carbon Steel
Class 150
Size 16"