PVC-U soil, vent & waste system

Solvent cement welding system made of fire-resistant
PVC-U (Me Class)

Pipes and fittings for quality guarantee
The PVC pipes and fittings used in the drainage systems must conform to the sector standard which is established by the National Italian Committee for Standardisation (UNI); this conformity as per Art. 7 of Italian Law 46/90 must be certified by the mark issued by the Italian. Institute of Plastics (IIP).
With regard to this, we remember that REDI only guarantees the perfect operation of the PVC ME drainage system when all its parts (pipes and fittings) are their own production.

  • Name: Polyvinyl chloride
  • Colour: Grey RAL 7037
  • Resistance to decay: PVC is completely resistant to decay.
  • Biological resistance:
    The algae and bacteria present in the waste water do not have any effect on the PVC pipes.
  • The PVC is not affected by rodents.
  • Abrasion resistance: The pipes and fittings conforming to EN1329 standard are abrasion resistant
  • REDI fittings have a B s2 d0 EUROCLASS FOR REACTION TO FIRE

Standards and marks for the total protection
REDI PVC solvent socket fittings are Class Me which, according to the French standard, corresponds to the highest level of protection against fires. This feature is periodically certified by the Laboratoire National D’Essaie LNE. The mark certifying the conformity of NF Me PVC fittings for building water drainage systems with the French CSTB standard guarantees the respect of the dimensional tolerances for the designs provided by the NF EN1329 and NF T 54-030 standards (the remaining products conform to the basic UNI EN1329 standard). The detailed list of certified products is available on request.