PVC Fittings

Our name says it all! PVCFittingsOnline offers the largest selection of PVC Fittings online. We STOCK a wide range of material types as well as fitting styles. From Elbows and Tees to Inserts and Caps. Our PVC pipe fitting materials include Push-On Fittings, Black Fittings, Clear Fittings, CTS Fittings, Coated Fittings and More. Browse our inventory of PVC Fittings below.

Types of PVC Fittings

PVC Fittings join multiple pvc pipe together and are classified in many ways, often considered the most common would be by schedule, either schedule 40 or schedule 80. The schedule refers to the thickness of the PVC. Other PVC Fittings are classified by color, such as Black PVC Fittings and Clear PVC Fittings. Other fittings are classified by function and use such as Furniture PVC Fittings, Garden Hose PVC Fittings, PVC Duct Fittings, DWV Fittings (Drain Waste Vent), and Push-On PVC Fittings.

Schedule 40 PVC Fittings are usually white in color, and is a smaller thickness than the schedule 80 PVC fittings. Schedule 40 PVC Fittings are designed to connect to schedule 40 PVC Pipe and commonly used for home plumbing applications, irrigation systems, and other various non-commercial uses.

Schedule 80 PVC Fittings are usually gray in color, thicker than schedule 40 pvc, allowing it to withstand higher pressures. Schedule 80 PVC Fittings are designed to connect to schedule 80 PVC Pipe and often used for commercial and industrial purposes.

Clear PVC Fittings are great for projects where you needs to see what is happening inside the pipe and fittings. Schools, Universities, and science programs often use clear pvc for testing systems and functions. Depending on your application you’ll find that there is a PVC Fitting for every project. PVC Fittings come in socket ends (also referred to as slip or hub) and threaded ends.

We carry PVC Fittings that have a wide range of ends, slip socket, threaded FPT, MPT, spigot, and insert fittings. Browse and shop our selection of PVC Fittings, if you don’t see a fitting you need or have questions, please contact us.