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Push Fit Fittings: Applications, Features and Benefits

By Melissa Bender

What are push fit fittings? A push fit fitting is a compression type of fitting with an easy installation process and a watertight seal. They come in a variety of configurations, can be used in a wide range of applications and have many advantages. Simply push, connect and go!

In this blog post, we will discuss the best applications for push fit fittings, as well as their features and benefits.

Push Fit Fittings

As mentioned above, a push fit fitting is a fitting that installs easily and has a watertight seal. Push fit fittings have an O-ring seal between the fitting body and the tube or pipe. The seal is made with a high quality EPDM O-ring. When the O-ring is inserted into the fitting body, the O-ring is compressed by the O.D. of the tubing. The tubing is held firmly in place by a #304 stainless steel gripper ring which helps bite into the tubing to prevent blow out of the tube.

Brass push fit fittings are available in sizes from 3/8” to 1” and are designed for connecting to copper, CPVC and PEX piping.

Types of Applications

Push fit fittings are ideal for use in potable water, plumbing, water heaters and hydronic heating systems. They can be used in both new residential and commercial construction. They can also be used in all new plumbing and dry repairs of existing plumbing. However, they are excellent for wet repairs where a system is hard to drain with no drying time required.

Push fit fittings are also great to use in hazardous locations. Since no heat or flame is required for installation, push fit fittings work well when doing repairs with potential for fire. For example, they are a good choice when insulation is present.

They are approved to be used underground and behind walls with or without access panels.

Features and Benefits

When it comes to push fit fittings, there are plenty of features and benefits.

Industrial grade quality

With push fit fittings, the quality of the internal components is just as important as the fitting body. Push fit fittings use high quality materials like the stainless steel gripper ring for high corrosion resistance. In addition, the EPDM O-ring is long lasting and lubricated with a silicone grease.

Variety of fittings

Push fit fittings come in a variety of fittings including the standard tees, elbows caps and couplings. Elbows and adapters are available with either a FPT or MPT connection. There are two types of repair couplings that can be used to fix a burst pipe. The pipe can be cut before or after the damaged pipe and replaced with either a solid coupling or a flexible braided coupling.

Easy installation

Push fit fittings are simple to install and easily connect to copper, CPVC and PEX piping in any combination. Push fit fittings are also equipped with connections that swivel meaning that they can be rotated after assembly for easier installation and pipe alignment in tight spaces. Due to their unique design, no soldering, crimping or solvent welding is necessary eliminating the need for specialty tools. Plus, using push fit fittings can help you save time and money. With push fit fittings, you can complete your plumbing and heating projects in 1/12th to 1/20th of the time compared to conventional soldered technology.


Push fit fittings are reusable. If needed, it’s easy to disconnect with push fit fittings. All you need is a special disconnect tool (plastic disassembly clip) to disengage the stainless steel gripper ring and release the tube. Fittings can be reused for testing purposes but any fitting used repeatedly for testing should not be used in a permanent installation.

High flow rates

Take advantage of high flow rates with push fit fittings. Enjoy full fluid flow without stiffener inserts. When using the push fit fittings with copper tubing, the plastic stiffener that's used for PEX and CPVC piping can be removed. Without the stiffener in the fitting, the fitting will allow full flow.

Hopefully, you have learned something both interesting and useful about the applications, benefits and features of push fit fittings. Above all, push fit fittings are high quality, easy to install, and can save both time and money. Please feel free to refer to this blog post when working with push fit fittings.

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