Pipe Spools

CRP can supply various steelwork constructions for pipe spools PTFE Lined Van Stone Pipe Spool but all types are supplied with paste extruded PTFE liners that are extruded and sintered in house at our facilities in Littleborough. The liners are the most important part of any lined piping system and CRP has over 20 years worth of expertise and manufacturing procedures backed up with extensive testing equipment to ensure these are the highest quality available.  Pipe spools are supplied in lengths up to 6000mm depending on nominal bore size, they are lined with interference fit liners giving high vacuum resistance even at elevated temperatures, all are supplied with vent holes and with the PTFE liner flared over the flange faces.
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Van Stone Flanged Ends

This process mechanically flares the steel pipe to form a tafted end, a rotating flange is mounted behind this. We can supply standard pipe spool with 2 Van Stone flanged ends, offering considerable cost savings over welded pipe spools and allowing easy alignment of spools on site. Stainless steel pipe spools in particular can be very cost effective with this construction method.

PTFE Lined Van Stone Flanged Ends  

Welded Construction Pipe Spools

Pipe spools are manufactured typically with a welded flange at one end and a loose slip on weld flange behind a welded stub end / taft ring allowing pipe spool alignment on site. We are also asked to supply pipe spools with fixed / fixed flanges or both rotating.

  PTFE Lined Welded Construction Pipe Spools

Threaded Construction

With this type of pipe spool the pipe is threaded and a threaded and hubbed flange is screwed home on the pipe forming a mechanically sound flanged end. With the flanges being threaded slight misalignments on site can be fixed by rotating the threaded flange.

  PTFE Lined Threaded Construction Pipe Spool


For short lengths it is impractical to supply flanged pipe spools, to span these we supply spacers, they are supplied in 3 styles depending on length.

  PTFE Lined Spacers


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