Core Fittings (C-Core and CD-Core Fittings)

Name Built-In Plastic Core-Type Pipe Fittings
Abbreviations C-Core(for aerial use) CD-Core(for underground use)
Standards Support Japanese public construction standard specifications
JWWA Certification Registration (Japan Water Works Association)
Compliant of JPF MP003 (Japan Pipe Fittings Association)
Sizes C-Core(for aerial use) 1/2~6B
CD-Core(for underground use) 1/2~6B
Fluid Water supply
Temperature 40℃ or less
Pressure 1.0 MPa{145 psi} or below
Types of pipe ・Unplasticized PVC lined steel pipes for water supply (JWWA K 116)
・PE powder lined steel pipes for water supply (JWWA K 132)
Notes ・Anticorrosive Fittings
Built-in plastic core prevents discolored water.
As dimensions of the core are strictly designed for both uPVC lined pipes and PE powder lined steel pipes, the both types of pipe are easily and smoothly joined to the fittings.
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