Micronic Wire Mesh

Micronic filter cloth (sometimes referred to as micronic wire mesh) is a type of stainless steel mesh filter woven with a nominal or absolute filter rating. As a result, the finished product is very flexible with exceptionally high flow rates. Primary uses include separating, sifting, filtering, and diffusing. 

TWP Inc. carries two types of precisely woven micronic wire mesh which differ in appearance and application: square weave and Dutch weave.

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Features & Uses

With a nominal (filter retention between 60 and 90 percent) or absolute (filter retention between 98 and 100 percent) filter rating, micronic wire cloth prevents the passage of most solid particles. The superfine and strong filtration properties of this type of mesh make it suitable for use in a number of commercial sectors, including:

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical

  • Agricultural

  • Automotive

  • Architectural

  • Food and beverage

  • Waste management

  • And more

The material is also used in a variety of industrial applications including hydraulics, manufacturing, cleaning, classification, purification, sieving, and several types of filtration.

Micronic filter cloth is resistant to:

  • Light

  • Hydraulic pressure

  • Abrasion

  • Corrosion

  • Seawater

  • Salt

  • Acids

The level of resistance of micronic filter cloth will depend on the type of weave and alloy.

Sizing Options & Weave Types

Micronic wire mesh products come in nominal or absolute filter ratings (opening sizes). The material is available in several sizes, shapes (including micronic mesh discs), and weaves. It is easily cut with sharp hand tools. As mentioned above, the micronic filter cloth from TWP Inc. comes in PW (plain) and TW (twill) square weaves or PDW (plain Dutch) and TDW (twilled Dutch) Dutch weaves. 

Micronic Square Weaves

With a square weave, you’ll get a thin mesh material with visible tiny square holes in which light can pass through. Square weaves are thin and flexible with a high flow rate and are often used for particle separation and classification as well as sifting and fuel filtration. 

Micronic Dutch Weaves

Mesh with a Dutch weave is woven to a precise tolerance for a much denser finished material with small, curved tunnel-shaped openings. Light does not pass through Dutch-woven micronic filter mesh. Thick and sturdy Dutch weaves are typically used for hydraulic fluid filters, gas diffusers, vacuum filters, pressure liquid filters, and breather vents. We also offer stainless steel sintered micronic mesh.

Micronic Wire Mesh Materials

The micronic mesh cloth from TWP Inc. is available in two alloy types: Type 304 (T304) and Type 316 (T316). Unless otherwise specified, it is assumed that T304 is acceptable for most uses. However, in general, T316 will work as a substitution for T304.


T304 is a basic stainless alloy. It is sometimes referred to as 18-8 because it contains 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel. T304 melts at 2600 °F (1430 °C), but its maximum recommended temperature for continuous service is 1450 °F (790 °C). It is useful for intermediate service in temperatures of up to 1650 °F (900 °C). Common uses for T304 micronic mesh include sorting and screening abrasives, liquids, powders, and other solids.


T316 is a special stainless alloy. It consists of an additional 2 percent of molybdenum, which increases its resistance to corrosion from salts, acids, and seawater. It is sometimes referred to as 18-10 because it contains 18 percent chromium and 10 percent nickel. T316 melts at 2500 °F (1375 °C), but its maximum recommended temperature for continuous service is 1500 °F (815 °C). It is useful for intermediate service in temperatures of up to 1650 °F (900 °C). Common uses for T316 micronic mesh include processing oils, chemicals, food, and pharmaceuticals. 

Micronic Filter Cloth from TWP Inc.

The micronic filter cloth from TWP Inc. can be used in a wide variety of industries for a long list of applications. In addition to high-quality micronic mesh, we carry many other industrial wire mesh materials and offer precise laser cutting and slitting services. To learn more about the many uses for micronic filter cloth or speak with an expert about wire mesh, contact us at TWP Inc. today.

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