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Iron Casting is an ancient process that has long been used throughout history, and at Calmet we apply this ancient technique to supply iron castings to many of today’s modern industries. The casting process involves the pouring of melted iron into molds to form parts of products of varying shapes and sizes. These castings can be found not only in the industrial sector, but all over our cities, around our neighborhoods and in our own homes.

Why has Calmet been a leading iron casting supplier for over two decades? Not only do we supply iron castings with excellent properties, we also offer numerous design possibilities to create complex and intricate designs which are achieved by employing different iron castings production processes. Our iron castings are utilized in different industries which include the Pump, Valve, Automotive, agriculture, Aerospace, earthmoving, highway, HVAC, Defense, Communications, Gears, Solar, Engine, Compressor, Hydraulic, General Engineering, Machine Tools, Textile, Fittings, Machinery, Power Transmission. We supply iron castings worldwide to customers in the USA, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia and countries in Europe including UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria and Finland

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