Introduction of anti-corrosive coated steel pipe and fittings

Anti-corrosive coated steel pipe and fittings means the steel pipe or pipe fitting has conducted anti-corrosive processing,which can effectively prevent or slow the corrosion phenomena of steel pipes or pipe fittings in the course of transportation,chemical reaction or other conditions.Coated steel pipe or pipe fitting can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion,hence its service life will be extended and costs reduced.

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipes

The first layer of coating is epoxy powder(FBE),the mid-layer is adhesive(AD),and top layer is high density polypropylene(PP).The 2LPE/PP coating just has adhesive(AD) layer and polypropylene(PP)layer.The AD has high bonding property,anti-oxidation,and chemical corrosion resistance,excellent resistance to cathode stripping.PP has the properties of tide resistance,anti-aging,insulation resistance,and anti mechanical shock.These combined integrated coatings have features of strong bonding strength,good insulation performance,mechanical shock resistance,long service life,small cathode protection current density and many other advantages.This coating is widely applied in long distance-pipe line conveyance project of water,oil and gas.

Anti corrosive coating for steel pipe fittings

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