Jianhu Hongda Valve and Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. Its headquarters and factory are located in Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province, which is an important production base of China's petroleum equipment industry. After more than 20 years of development and growth, the company has become a professional manufacturer of petroleum machinery and construction machinery, a state-level high-tech enterprise, and an excellent private enterprise in Jiangsu Province
Single flow valve
Clamp connection ( forging ) flat valve
Mud gate valve
Pneumatic safety valve
Thermal valve
Hand, hydraulic safety valve
Hand hydraulic linkage valve
Plug valve
Hydraulic safety valve
Fixed throttle valveFixed throttle valve
Orifice plate adjustable throttle valve
Cage type adjustable throttle valve
Wedge type adjustable throttle valve
Hydraulic cylinder adjustable throttle valve
Needle adjustable throttle valve
FC valve ( the valve seat can be floating plate valve )
Dark rod plate valve
Gear plate valve
Flange connection ( forging ) flat valve
Ball screw drive valve
Rod tail rod plate valve
Expansion valve ( expandable valve plate )
Hydraulic flat valve
Integrated valve
Double integral oil ( gas ) tree
Oil ( gas ) tree
Wellhead and Christmas tree
Thermal recovery wellhead device
Water injection well
The wellhead device
Ocean platform wellhead
Dual tubing head
Unitized solid-block tree
The four wing door type throttle pipe
Multifunctional test tube department
Throttle choke exchange
Mud manifold
Kill manifold
Throttle manifold
HP and LP manifolds
Choke Manifold (with puncture-proof nipple)
Integral type casing head
Split type casing head
Casing head
Casing head series products
Thread / welding type bottom casing head
Stage casing head
Drilling fluid manifold
G type slip hanger
flange types
JZ50L drilling rig winch axle and axle
WD type slip hanger
WE type slip hanger
W type slip hanger
Back pressure valve
Reducing flange
Cut thread flange
Tree cap
Single plug cement head
Wear bushing
Dividing head
High pressure elbow
High pressure oil
Blind flange
Pressure test and removal tool
Double three way
Double plug cement head
Threaded flange
Four way
The mandrel hanger ( thread )
Liquid gas separator
Oil, gas, water three-phase separator
what is a flange
Drilling pipe surface valve group
Drilling pipe valve group
Guide bushing
Automatic drill rod racking device
Ear loop
Cylinder bottom
Single ram BOP
Annular blowout preventer
Double ram BOP

To celebrate the s [2012/7/25]
To celebrate the s [2012/7/25]
To celebrate the s [2012/7/25]
To celebrate the s [2012/7/25]
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