What are the differences and similarities between eccentric reducer and concentric reducer?

The gas phase medium in the pipeline can produce liquid; the liquid medium can produce gas. The difference between eccentric reducer and concentric reducer is that it can not only achieve the purpose of diameter change, but also achieve the purpose of removing liquid or gas. Therefore, the eccentric reducer and concentric reducer are selected according to the direction of liquid or gas discharge according to the process requirements.

carbon steel eccentric reducer

First of all, the common effect of the two is: diameter change, is the need to change from one specification to another. However, due to the use of different environments and media, there are concentric and eccentric points, just like the tee.

Concentric Reducers

Concentric reducer is conducive to fluid flow, and has little interference on fluid flow state when reducing diameter. Therefore, concentric reducer is used for gas and vertical flow liquid pipeline; eccentric reducer is convenient for exhaust or liquid discharge because one side of eccentric reducer is flat, which is convenient for start-up and maintenance. Therefore, eccentric reducer is generally used for horizontal liquid pipeline.

It is generally used for horizontal liquid pipeline; the center of nozzle at both ends of concentric reducer is on the same axis, which is generally used for diameter reduction gas or vertical liquid pipeline. It can be used to connect pipes or flanges of different diameters.

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