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Even in small yards, tending to all your plants with a watering can quickly become a chore. A garden hose is an everyday gardening essential that makes irrigation easy. Explore the range of hose connectors at Ace to help you take water to every part of your yard that needs it.

Hose Connector Materials

Garden hose connectors are available in three main kinds of materials.

  • Brass: A brass water hose connector is a highly popular choice thanks to its durability, resistance to corrosion and ability to handle high pressures. While it’s the most expensive type of water hose attachment, brass is made to last.
  • Plastic: A more economical option, a plastic hose adapter can slot in anywhere a brass fitting is used; however, plastic connectors don't usually last as long as the brass versions.
  • Nylon and Polymer: Garden hose attachments made with these materials fall somewhere in the middle of the price and durability spectrum, being tougher than regular plastic but costing less than brass.

Types of Hose Splitters and Connectors

The variety of hose connectors available may seem extensive, but they can be categorized into just a few main types:

  • Faucet connectors securely thread the hose onto an outdoor faucet.
  • Y-connectors divide a water supply into two, feeding several hoses from the same faucet.
  • Tee connectors let you split off an extra line from an existing hose, useful for larger and more complex irrigation systems and emitters.
  • End caps block off an unused outlet in a Y-connector or tee connector.
  • Hose menders make it easy to fix a hose leak by slicing out the broken section and joining the two remaining hose parts together.
  • Shut-off valves are available either built into other connectors or as standalone fittings and provide a way to block water flow without turning off the faucet.
  • An aerator adapter helps you reduce the volume of water flowing through a hose, which can be a vital safeguard in areas where water is a scarce resource.

Hose Pipe Connector Sets and Accessories

To make fitting your hose easy, we also stock full sets containing all the most common connectors you'll need, along with essential accessories including washers, clamps and hose seals.

Understanding Hose Connector Threads

Hose fittings can make joins in two main ways. For temporary hose connections, a simple clamp provides enough pressure to keep the two sections together. For more permanent installations that need to be free from leaks, a threaded connector makes the better option. Adapters with the thread on the outside of the connector are known as male connectors, while female connectors have the thread on the inside surface of the pipe. A male adapter can only fit into a female one, although male-to-female and vice versa adapters are also available to connect two incompatible fittings.

Shop Water Hose Fittings and Adapters at Ace

Let Ace take the hassle out of your plant and lawn care with our hose connector range designed with quality and economy in mind. Find everything you need for irrigation in the Lawn and Garden department at Ace. Order online for speedy shipping or same-day collection at your local store, with easy returns on most items within 30 days.