AFC Cable Systems®’ flexible metal conduits are available in many different options ranging from Reduced Wall to Full Wall, from Extra Flexible to extra slinky styles.

Flexible Metal Conduit is available with two different wall thicknesses. The thicker flexible metal conduit is full wall and the thinner wall product is Reduced Wall flexible metal conduit. Full Wall is more robust and is specified where the specification calls for extra mechanical protection. The Reduced wall flexible conduit is available in both high-grade galvanized steel and an aluminum alloy strip of uniform gauge for an excellent combination of strength and durability. Reduced wall flexible conduit can be used in flexible metal raceway systems for electrical power, communication cables, motor leads, listed assemblies and wire fixtures and manufactured wiring systems. The Reduced Wall product must additionally meet an impact performance test. Both constructions are UL listed for use in accordance with the NEC.

Extra flexible conduit is a non-UL extra flexible conduit made with high grade galvanized low carbon steel with an interlocking design and is also corrosion resistant. Another extra flexible conduit offered by AFC Cable Systems® is FlexCon Extra-Flexible Steel Conduit. This product is manufactured from one continuous length of high grade steel, hot dipped in a zinc bath for protection against normal effects of corrosion. Extra flexible conduit and FlexCon Extra-Flexible steel conduit can also be used in flexible metal raceway systems for specific applications where UL and other agency approvals are not required.

In addition to these products, AFC Cable Systems® also carries Type “RAY-FLEX” aluminum flexible conduit. RAY-FLEX is a heavy wall flexible aluminum conduit that is designed for use with OEM’s, UL/CSA equipment, raceways and equipment builders.