Aluminum Castings

We have manufacturing partners in India. We supply Aluminum casting components to popular motorcycle manufacturers and automobile, Tier one, and OEMs. We are an industry guru in two-wheeler and four-wheeler alloy wheels. Apart from wheels, the organization also produces cylinder block, cylinder head, crank case, crank case covers, transmission housing, oil pan, throttle body and other engineered components. We also supply composite automotive products like dashboard, fender, door frame plenum chamber and bumper parts. Seat frames, UAV blade assembly are some of the composite products-Aerospace.

With 8 aluminum casting manufacturing locations along with casting capacity of 100,000 tones/annum and automotive chain manufacturing capability of 60,000 meters chain/day; we have been building a reputation as a one stop shop for our customers for High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Cast and Gravity casting Aluminum parts. Manpower strength of 7,000+ employee is creating a great balance in machine-man synergy. All the plants are Following same quality, environment, and process standards IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007. We have ability to warehouse and supply parts in USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Along with all aluminum casting processes under single roof, we have inhouse machining capabilities, leak testing facility, heat treatment and ultrasonic washing abilities. We understand global system and their expectations. We have strong engineering capabilities across value chain. We are capable of investing in new technology and processes.

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What type of castings does RPPL supply?

RPPL specializes in supplying high pressure, low pressure and gravity aluminum die cast parts. We work with over 12 different alloys depending on customer requirements

Where are RPPL’s parts used?

Most of RPPL’s parts aluminum castings are used in the automotive industry. We currently supply a variety of parts such as cylinder head covers, fuel rail assemblies, auto throttle bodies, ECU housings and covers, fuel pump housings, water pump housings, EPS motor housings, transmission housings, shift fork assemblies etc. We work with our customers to develop and manufacture a variety of other parts as well. Please view our part gallery for more information.

Where are RPPL’s castings made?

RPPL’s castings are made in 6 dedicated plants in India. They are warehoused in one of our facilities in the United States, Canada or Mexico depending on the final destination.

What type of casting infrastructure do these plants have?

RPPL has 95 HPDC and 15 LPDC machines spread out over 6 plants. Additionally, we also have extensive development, machining, and quality testing capabilities and equipment.

What type of quality standards do these plants adhere to?

All 6 plants are IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, SA8000, and VDA 6.3 certified.

How big of a part can RPPL supply?

We are always expanding our capabilities. Currently, we supply parts up to 10kg in weight

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