HDPE pipe is the most durable and resilient piping for water and water supply line applications. The Water-Line™ product suite includes Base-Line™ for mining operations, Crystal-Line™ for potable and sewer water infrastructure,  Hard-Line™ for high-pressure, high-corrosive and heavy wall applications and Sewer-Line™ for sewage applications.

HDPE is ideal for water infrastructure applications, as it will never rust, leak, or corrode and it is virtually maintenance-free. Light weight and flexibility provide for easy installation.

United Poly Systems can customize the pipe's diameter, thickness, color, and other options to suit your project.


United Poly's Base-Line HDPE pipe is used for mining operations in the water infrastructure market. We manufacture Base-Line in IPS ¾- to 26-inch diameters and DIPS 4- to 24-inch diameters. Base-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is black in color with optional striping to indicate wall thickness.


United Poly's Crystal-Line Copper Tube Size (CTS) pipe is used for potable, reclaimed and sewer/wastewater transmission in the water infrastructure market. We manufacture Crystal-Line in CTS ¾- to 2-inch diameters and IPS ¾- to 6-inch diameters. Crystal-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is typically solid or striped blue for potable water, solid lavender for reclaimed water and solid green for sewer water.

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United Poly's Hard-Line is HPDE pipe for high pressure, high corrosive and heavy wall applications in the energy and water infrastructure markets. We manufacture Hard-Line in IPS 1 ¼- to 10-inch diameters. Hard-Line is made of PE4710 HDPE pressure material. It is typically black in color.


United Poly's Sewer-Line HDPE pipe is used for reclaimed water applications in the renewables market. We manufacture Sewer-Line in IPS and DIPS  ¾ to 26-inch diameters. Sewer-Line is made of PE4710 material. It is black with green stripes for sewer applications.