Liquids can be persistent & pervasive substances.

Even on a steel surface with an anti-corrosion coating, water will eventually find a way to get to the underlying metal. The resulting rust is enormously costly to society, given our dependence on steel bridges, cars, water heaters, and countless other steel products. Many anti-corrosion coatings make use of sacrificial elements such as zinc to delay this degradation. But sacrificial coatings merely delay the inevitable, since eventually they’re gone, leaving the steel unprotected.

Corrosion Control & Prevention 4-6x Better

NeverWet® coatings have demonstrated an improvement in corrosion control and prevention that is four to six times better than the leading steel surface coating.

We test our coatings using an extreme corrosive environment— a salt fog chamber, and we compare our coatings to top-of-the-line commercial polyurethane coatings used on bridges and infrastructure everywhere.

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