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PPGI Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa
PPGI Photonic Products Group, Inc. (est. 1973)
PPGI Partnership Production Group International (Hong Kong)
PPGI Persatuan Perusahaan Grafika Indonesia (Indonesian graphic company; Jakarta, Indonesia)
PPGI Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron (steel product)
PPGI Pro-Poor Growth Index (poverty reduction; various organizations)
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The PPGI aims to cultivate greater partnership between the public and private sector to stimulate investment in the country and create jobs to combat unemployment and ignite the economy.
Furthermore, the roll-formed PPGI sheets are the most popular end use of Unicoil products of PPGI coils.
PPGI embarked on the rehabilitation of power generation unit called the Puerto Princesa Power Plant and the acquisition and development of the Narra Power Plant.
Data is analysed by Ordinary Least Square Method (OLS), Pro-poor Growth Index (PPGI) and Poverty Equivalent Growth Rate (PEGR).
Pursuant to the agreement, Sutor will supply approximately 10,000 metric tons of pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI) to Shandong Sangle and 42,000 metric tons of hot dipped galvanized steel (HDGI) to the three steel distributors.
Ispat products at display included: HR Chequered Sheets, Trapezoidal Profiles (Galvanized, PPGI, PPGL), Tiled Profiles PPGI), Deck Profiles (PPGI), Colour Coated Plains (Galvanized and Galvalume), Galvalume Acrylic Coated, Pipes & Tubes (HR, Galvanized, CRCA) and Square Hollow Sections (SHS).
38 and recycled from the 1992 and 1997 versions of PPGI that 'Design policies should avoid unnecessary prescription or detail and should concentrate on guiding the overall scale, density, massing, height, landscape, layout and access of new development.' Having charted over 35 key design concepts in the statement that are appropriate for local authorities to consider in relation to design, and which collectively establish a comprehensive agenda for urban and architectural design, reverting to the familiar seven-point agenda for design policies seems somewhat inconsistent.
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (PPGI) revived the program last winter partly in response to the opening of an anti-abortion center across the street from its Quad Cities clinic, which is picketed by about 25 or 30 protesters (or "intercessory prayers" depending on which side of the street you ask) each surgical day, according to PPGI's director of marketing and communications, Kerry Koonce.
This index is known as the pro-poor growth index (PPGI), and it is derived from the relation between total poverty reduction and poverty reduction in the case of distribution-neutral growth.
The cars had been seized after lawyers for Monaco production company PPGI - who claim they are owed around pounds 2million for negotiating sponsoring rights going back to previous boss Craig Pollock - obtained a court order.
The cars had been seized after lawyers for Monaco production company PPGI, who claim they are owed about pounds 2 million for negotiating sponsoring rights going back to previous boss Craig Pollock, obtained a court order.