5 ANSI Flanges Used in the Oil/Gas Industries

Ultimately all ANSI flanges used in the oil and gas industries are pipe flanges, there are just several different types of pipe flanges used in different situations. Here are five of the most common ANSI flanges used in the oil/gas industry:

Weld Neck Pipe Flange

A weld-neck pipe flange–AKA Butt Weld Flange–is a high-pressure flange that attach to a pipe by welding the pipe to the neck of the flange. This reduces the stress on the flange by transferring it to the pipe itself.

Blind Flanges

Blind pipe flanges–AKA Blank Flanges–have one purpose: to seal off a specific section of pipe or a pressure vessel opening to stop the flow of a gas or liquid, but keep the option for expanding the pipeline open. These are often used for high-pressure testing within the system.

Lap-Joint Pipe Flange

Lap joint flanges are also known as Van Stone Flanges and Stub Flanges because they are commonly used with stub end fittings that fit over the pipe, but are not fastened to it. The stub ends fit into the radial depression on the backside of the flange. Lap Joint flanges are frequently seen in pipelines that end up getting taken apart and reassembled frequently.

Threaded Flange

Threaded pipe flanges are attached to pipes without requiring welding. These are sometimes used on pipes with a deep wall thickness These are typically seen in smaller diameter pipes that need to handle high pressure.

Socket Weld Pipe Flanges

These pipe flanges are usually installed on smaller high-pressure pipes. They connect with the pipe using 1 fillet weld on the outside of the flange. These types of flanges have corrosion issues which may disqualify them from use in some processes.

The Best ANSI Pipe Flanges for the Oil/Gas Industry

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