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ViegaPEX™ PureFlow® Press PureFlow Press Viega…The global leader in plumbing and heating systems.

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The first PEX radiant floor heating in the U.S., the ProRadiant® system, is introduced. Viega adds traps and draining products for sinks and bathtubs to our lineup. 1899 1901 1935 1963 1980 Franz-Anselm Viegener starts Viega Co. with first brass beer tap. Viega starts manufacturing plumbing fittings. Viega starts producing copper solder fittings. A heritage of better ideas since 1899 Our heritage of innovation and quality manufacturing began in Attendorn, Germany in home plumbing 1899 when Franz-Anselm Viegener products. But our story, and valves to introduced a new design in brass the...

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Viega’s copper press technology launches in the U.S., the ProPress® System. Viega’s press technology begins in Germany. Viega stainless press technology launches in the U.S., ProPress® Stainless 1988 1989 1996 1999 2005 The MANABLOC® water distribution manifold is introduced. 2008 Viega creates hybrid technology to connect copper to PEX. Production of plastic tubing, PureFlow® PEX products begins. In 2005, Viega The PureFlow From Franz-Anselm Viegener’s acquired Vanguard product line is first product introduction in 1899, Piping Systems manufactured Viega’s family heritage of innovation,...

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ViegaPEX ™ ViegaPEX ™ Ultra FostaPEX ® Viega 1-800-976-9819 3

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Viega MANABLOC manifold system is a unique water distribution system that provides extraordinary performance. ViegaPEX PureFlow systems We have had 110-years of success in Comprised of ViegaPEX, ViegaPEX the plumbing industry, not because Ultra and FostaPEX, PolyAlloy, brass we tout the many features of our and bronze fittings, coupled with products, but because we prove the MANABLOC manifold system, the value of our systems. Our the PureFlow product line is the most innovative products are backed complete potable water system you by extensive research, testing will find in the North...

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A reliable partner The Viega Quality Assurance conditions to ensure the quality and ASTM F876 and Research and Development reliability customers expect from Viega. ASTM F877 Departments review and test each We not only invent the most and every Viega product to ensure ASTM F1807 innovative products and systems, that all products meet and exceed the we also make sure the products industry standards and customer’s out perform the industry’s most Additional code information is expectations. Products in the stringent standards for potable water available at the following websites: PureFlow...

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Viega MANABLOC Like a breaker-box for plumbing, Clean and Efficient Installation Complete Coverage each fixture of the MANABLOC is fed There are no fumes from solvents It is no wonder why the by its own flexible water distribution to contend with and no torches MANABLOC is the number one line. It is a simple concept that required on site for installation. selling PEX manifold in the U.S. provides extra-ordinary performance. Fewer Fittings Molded from PLS (Polysulfone) ViegaPEX tubing lines run directly plastic and tested to the from the MANABLOC, around requirements of ASTM F877 and...

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ViegaPEX the superior tubing choice Don’t let the competition fool you. We pioneered the use of professional grade PEX tubing more than a generation ago. Our ViegaPEX tubing is high-density cross-linked polyethylene tubing (PEX for short). Although there are now many Exceeds the strictest plumbing standards The tubing exceeds strict ASTM International standards in addition to Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and International Code Council (ICC) standards for potable water systems. choices in PEX tubing, ViegaPEX It’s the professional’s choice offers advantages over other Cross-linked...

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ViegaPEX and ViegaPEX Ultra ViegaPEX and ViegaPEX Ultra tubing is manufactured to ASTM F876/F877 standards and listed to ANSI/NSF Standards 14 and 61. It is chlorine resistance rated for both traditional and continuous recirculation PEX 5006 (CL5) applications. Both tubing types are rated at 100 psi at 180°F and 160 psi at 73°F. ViegaPEX Ultra tubing can handle up to 6 months UV exposure without losing any of its performance properties. Viega FostaPEX Fosta stands for Form-Stable PEX, so the piping will keep its shape after it is bent. The flexibility of the PEX and the form stability of...

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A different approach Parallel systems A Parallel system uses a home run manifold, like the Viega MANABLOC. With this type of installation the installer can potentially plumb a house without fittings hidden inside walls. By installing the MANABLOC system Parallel installation near the hot water source, tubing can be run directly to each fixture without using additional fittings. A parallel system provides the lowest pressure losses, as well as eliminates interference between fixtures. Often each fixture can be fed with smaller diameter tubing, which is easier and faster to install. Branch...

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Zero Lead … Zero Problem Don’t let new lead-free legislation* Bronze PEX Press fittings and With excellent dezincification and in California or Vermont set you MANABLOC Press connections corrosion resistance, our Zero Lead back. A large majority of our potable will now be produced from a lead- fittings and accessories will contain water products already meet the free bronze. Zero Lead PEX Press appropriate markings to clearly upcoming 2010 lead requirements. fittings have also been introduced indicate the fittings are Zero Lead. All of our PEX tubing, PolyAlloy with attached stainless steel...

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Apartment Townhouse Detached With PEX parallel piping MANABLOC systems, waiting times for hot water are projected to be reduced by 60% for an apartment, 70% for a townhouse and 39% for a single-family dwelling. Viega 1-800-976-9819 15 Apartment Townhouse Detached Annual gallons of water saved when using PEX parallel piping MANABLOC systems compared to standard main and branch plumbing configuration based on reduced water waste associated with hot water use. *Source: Davis Energy Group report filed March 2006 AVERAGE WAITING TIME IN SECONDS ANNUAL GALLONS SAVED The MANABLOC saves time,...

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