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  • The strength of your fencing system can make the difference when it comes to protecting your high level premises, valuable stock and key assets. The tight upper profile of Securus Profiled ™ 358 Mesh fencing system does all of this and far exceeds those expectations.

    Offering all of the same great security features and aesthetics of the flat panel 358 Mesh Securus ™ system, the Securus Profiled ™ system is versatile, durable and practical, with the profile enhancement adding an extra level of rigidity to an already-solid structure.

    Each welded steel wire panels is fixed securely to the continuous unique steel post using non removable shear nuts, providing a fantastic outer perimeter for clients who need high level security.

    Securus Profiled ™ also conforms to BS 1722-14 for open mesh steel panel fences, giving added peace of mind to the schools, businesses and government departments who use it.

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    • 76.2 x 12.5mm Mesh Apertures
    • Nominal 4mm Mesh Wire
    • Profiled 358 Mesh Panels
    • Patented 80 x 60 Flanged Post
    • Anti Climb Fence Panels
    • PPC in a full range of RAL colours
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    • Schools
    • Industrial and commercial units
    • Police stations and secure units
    • MOD
    • Airports and seaports
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  • Panels can be stepped as required on the post system. Where gradients exceed 1:16, it is recommended that taller panels are either partburied or additional posts are used. Panels can also be sloped to the following gradients, within the tolerance of the post section:

    • 1800mm high: 1 in 45 2000mm high: 1 in 50
    • 2410mm high: 1 in 60 2970mm high: 1 in 75
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  • The posts are available in different lengths to accommodate panel heights and ground conditions.

    • Wall fixing plates, cranked posts or base plated
    • Cranked or straight extensions for barbed or razor wire
    • Cranked panels

    Posts made from standard sections are available.

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    • Our welded steel wire mesh fencing panels are galvanised and polyester powder-coated after stringent cleaning and treatment to give a well-adhered coating of 60 microns. Or available as galvanised only which is a high aluminium content galvanising giving four times the life of BS 443. This finish is free of the sharps and irregularities found in the hot dip galvanising process. RAL range of colours available.

      • Heights

        1800, 2000, 2410, 2970mm other heights from 500mm up to 6000mm available on request with different post options

      • Panel Width


      • Mesh Size

        76.2 x 12.5mm

      • Wire Diameter

        4mm (horizontals and verticals)

      • Top Edge Projection

        Nil – wire is flush on all edges

      • Posts

        80 x 60mm special flanged section (patent applied for)

      • Corner Posts

        80 x 80mm standard RHS section

      • Post Centres


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