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110mm Soil Pipes & Fittings (Push Fit)

We keep Push Fit Soil Pipes in both black and grey in stock, we can also source white so please let me know if you need it in white please contact us. Our 110mm Push Fit Soil Vent comes Kitemarked and is fully tested and approved for use in the UK.

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Additional Information on 110mm Soil Pipe:

Push Fit (Ring Seal) Soil Pipe is the most common external above ground drain system in domestic applications, combining ease of installation with a tried and tested easy to fit ring seal system.

We stock the common colours of black soil and grey soil, however we are also able to source white and also a range of colours of cast iron effect fixings and systems.

What Does it Do?

Well, it runs from the PVC drainage system, up the external side to the roof level of the property. It's the tube that carries waste down to the sewer system.

Traditionally, soil stacks were made from cast iron; however, they are mostly made from PVC (plastic) nowadays.

External PVC drain vents allow air to the inner drainage system in order to ease the process of aerobic sewer digestion, preventing a siphoning effect from happening, and allowing free flow of liquid.

Approved document H: Requires that for safety the foot of a soil stack should have as large a radius as possible.

Should I buy Push-fit or Solvent Weld fittings?

Both systems have their advantages. Push Fit is demountable and fast. On the flip side, Solvent Weld is permanent. Consequently, this depends on what you prefer when it comes to installing the product. However, the push fit system is by far the most commonly purchased of the two at EasyMerchant.

Which Essential Plumbing Tools Do I Need for a DIY Plumbing Project?

Having the right basic plumber hand tools (shovel, spade, spanners, hammers, and hedge trimmers), power tools, air tools is an absolute must for any job on hand.

Also, make sure your DIY projects are water and damp proof. Using a damp proofing membrane protects your walls and flooring. The following is a comprehensive list of things DYIERS might need:

Power tool (Electrical powered tools):

Power tools batteries chargers, angle grinders, power screwdrivers (screwdrivers hex keys, screwdriver bits & screw caps), vacuum cleaners, shredders, blowers, heat guns, power inverters, drills saws, extension leads, and power tool accessories

Ladders and Steps:

Combination ladders, loft ladders, telescopic ladders, multi purpose ladders, storage ladders, step ladders, roof ladders or extension ladders and ladder accessories

Plumbing consumables:

High strength adhesives, adhesives sealants, adhesive grab, adhesive grout, tile adhesive, sealant guns, multi purpose fillers, fillers putty, putty knives & scrappers, fire sealants

Safety works wear:

Work jackets, safety shoes, hoodies, sweatshirts, waterproof clothing, footwear safety, ear protection, chainsaw clothing, height safety protection, work trousers, work shorts, dust masks, hand cleansers, base layers, body warmers, safety boots, rigger boots, work fleeces, tool belts, knee pads, work gloves, polo shirts, socks over shoes, wipes, work lights, hand dryers and other work wear accessories

Building tools and accessories:

Masonry screws, pasting tables, builders metalwork, cavity fixings, cement mixers, paddle mixers, wallpaper strippers, wallpaper paste


General purpose sealant, sealant removers, fire & heat sealants, sanitary sealants, sealants glazing frame

Woodworking tools:

Wood stain, wood varnish, wood treatment, wood paint, wood dye,

Diamond core tools:

Grinding disc, drills

Measuring tools:

Spirit levels, laser distance measures, tape measures,

Air tools:

Nail guns, air compressor, tire inflators

Plastering tools:

Trowels, Plasterboard fixings

Cutting tools:

Chainsaws & cutting blades, saws kits

Decorating tools:

Decorators caulk, paintbrushes, rollers and roller trays


Inspection lamps, duct tape, nuts, bolts, self-tapping screws, timber screws, and washers, testing equipment, wall plugs, storage toolboxes, tool bags, collated nails, sack trucks, electrical testers, masking tape for preparation masking, cable reels and cable connectors, expanding foam, cleaning tools, safety signs, nails staples, sanding blades, lining paper, electrical lighting, jacks stands, flexible hoses, meter boxes, waste disposal units, mask respirators, cable clips, pliers cutters, resin fixings

FAQs About Soil Pipes

Can PVC soil pipes be painted?

Yes. Start off by degreasing and applying any water based gloss paint, Apply two coats, the first coat can be thinned.

What is the life expectancy of PVC soil pipes?

Perhaps over a thousand years. Unlike other thermoplastic pipes PVC soil pipes don’t oxidise. When the pipes are buried underground, no chemicals degradation is expected to take place.

What other product do you offer?

Well, here is comprehensive list of all our top sellers product categories:

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  • PLUMBING: underground guttering drainage pipes, drain rods, pipes, fittings, valves, and water tanks.

  • TOOLS & HARDWARE: garden tools, hand tools, power tools, fasteners, and bearings.

  • FACILITY MANAGEMENT: cleaning supplies, maintenance & repair, fire safety, health care.

  • SAFETY & SECURITY: safety helmets, high security door locks, ip cameras, burglar alarms.

  • FLOORING & WALL: leveling compound, flooring tools, wood fillers, decorating tools, floor paints, flooring screws.

  • KITCHEN: kitchen splashbacks, kitchen taps, shelf brackets, kitchen sink, kitchen lighting fixtures, macerators kitchen gas fittings. View all

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Why Choose EasyMerchant for Soil Products?

We stock a wide range of quality products. We stock both 4 inch and 6 inch soil systems, as well as both solvent weld and push fit so that you can choose your preferred jointing method.

Your Order Awaits!

If you want to install a high-quality Soil Pipe that is built to last, then look no further.

EasyMerchants drainage soil pipes fittings range includes numerous products, which allow you to put up an effective drainage system.

If you're looking for detailed fitting instructions then please let us know. Just contact us at this telephone number: 01371 850808

Free delivery is available for all orders above £120/ex VAT. Feel free to create an account when placing your order.