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PlumbingSupply.com® is your best source on the Internet for hard-to-find plumbing parts such as the solid brass, "twin ell" fitting offered below. Click here for the best selection of showerheads on the Internet!

Brass "Twin Ells"

  • Prevents the showerhead from dripping while the tub spout is filling the tub
  • Limits back pressure
  • Maintains pressure on the tub spout diverter gate to keep it in the closed position

Brass "Twin Ells" = $12.59

1/2" in from the valve above
out to 3/4" front style diverter tub spout
and up to 1/2" pipe leading to shower head or body sprays

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Shower Arm Lock Ell

  • Securely mounts a shower arm to a fiberglass shower stall
  • Can also be used to secure a tub spout nipple
  • Can be used with copper, iron pipe or compression fittings
  • Prevents movement of shower arm and tub spout
  • Helps to prevent broken shower arms from leaking inside the wall
  • Locknuts secure ell to fiberglass and other walls up to 7/16" thick
    • Requires 1 1/32" hole through fiber glass
    • Outlet end 1/2" FIP
    • Inlet end 1/2" CWT or 1/2" MPT

Shower Arm Lock Ell - $8.24

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Stainless Steel Push-On Lock Nut

  • Slides over and locks 1/2" nominal (5/8" OD.) copper tube in place
  • Type 304 stainless steel - 23 gauge
  • 2" outside diameter
  • Use with copper piping only.
  • Helps secure copper pipes plumbed through walls and floors
  • Do not use on CPVC, PEX. or other plastic pipes

1/2" Nom. Stainless Steel Push-On Lock Nut - $2.21

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. "I have a diverter tub spout and whenever I fill my tub with water from the tub spout only, I also get some dripping out of my shower head. What can I do to stop that?"
A. There could be many reasons why this is happening. Depending on the cause, one possible solution is to install a twin ell which is designed to help prevent the showerhead from dripping while the tub spout (diverter style) is filling the tub.

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