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Quickly and easily transition to Uponor PEX

From CPVC to flanges to groove fitting adapters and copper press, sweat and threaded adapters, Uponor has the transition solutions you need to make fast, easy connections for hybrid piping systems.

Transition with ease

Connect copper press to Uponor ProPEX®

Watch how fast and easy it is to make a copper press connection from Uponor ProPEX to the existing copper piping. 
Why PEX is ideal for hybrids

Using PEX and transitions to maximize hybrid piping systems

Hybrid piping systems are becoming more popular with the need for value engineering to meet budgets and tight production schedules. What was once a one-piping-material project for domestic water or mechanical hydronic systems has turned into a multipipe opportunity.

With its flexibility, durability, long coil lengths and lighter weight, Uponor PEX is an easy-to-install piping system for risers, distribution piping and in-suite applications. 

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