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Top 10 Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturers in the U.S.

Posted by IndustrySelect on Wednesday, May 27, 2020



During April 2020, IndustrySelect category searches for domestic supplies increased by 42%. COVID-19 is disrupting global supply chains between shutdowns and shipping delays, creating a climate of uncertainty that forces many manufacturers to rethink procurement as they reopen.

Steel tubing was the second most-searched category, indicating a surge in demand for this versatile product category that is used in machinery, hydraulic systems, conveyor belts and utility grids.

Strong demand for steel tubing means that these manufacturers might need to invest in new products and services to keep up with demand and turn this trend into an opportunity for growth.

Sector Overview

The recent increase in searches and demand isn't an isolated trend. Over the past year, employment as increased by 1.96% in the steel tubing sector. Most of these manufacturers are located in the Midwest and Southern states, with Texas, Alabama and Ohio each being home to two of the 10 largest manufacturers in this sector.

Compared to other manufacturers, steel tubing plants are more likely to import raw materials since 21% of these companies rely on imports against 11% of all manufacturers. They're also more likely to sell their products abroad, with 40% relying on an international distribution strategy against 29% of all manufacturers.

Top 10 Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturers

Company City State Number of Employees
Turner Industries Group, LLC Pasadena TX 2,409
American SpiralWeld Pipe Co., LLC Birmingham AL 1,500
Atkore International Harvey IL 900
Welspun Tubular, LLC Little Rock AR 800
JSW Steel (USA) Baytown TX 700
United States Steel Corp., Fairfield Works Fairfield AL 700
ArcelorMittal USA, LLC Shelby OH 650
Metal-Matic, Inc. Minneapolis MN 600
Benteler Steel Tube Mfg. Corp. Shreveport LA 500
DeBra-Kuempel Co. Cincinnati OH 500

About the Top 10 Steel Pipe and Tube Manufacturers

Turner Industries Group, LLC

Turner Industries Group, LLC has a total of five locations. Its largest one is in Pasadena, TX, and employs 2,409 people.

They specialize in producing carbon and alloy pipes for the construction industry and electrical infrastructure. This manufacturer stands out by using innovative techniques for pipe bending.

American SpiralWeld Pipe Co., LLC

With 1,500 employees, American SpiralWeld Pipe Co., LLC is a Birmingham, AL, manufacturer that offers a wide range of pipes, pilings, joints, lining and coating products.

This manufacturer produces pipes with diameters ranging from 24 inches to 144 inches.

These larger pipes are designed for the wastewater and hydroelectric sectors.

Atkore International

Atkore International is located in Harvey, IL and has 900 employees. This award-winning manufacturer offers a wide range of cable and wiring systems for the electrical grid, telecommunications and fiber optic infrastructure.

Atkore International's product catalog also includes galvanized steel tubing and conduits, including signpost tubing.

Welspun Tubular, LLC

Little Rock, AR, is home to Welspun Tubular, LLC and its 800 employees. This manufacturer produces coatings, joints and pipes ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches in diameter for the oil and gas industry.

Welspun Tubular uses modern production methods thanks to its automatic mill.

JSW Steel (USA)

pipe manufacturers is a Baytown, TX, company with 700 employees. They specialize in carbon steel plates, piping and coating products.

This manufacturer relies on a double submerged arc wielding production process to prevent impurities and deliver flawless products to the oil and gas sector, ship building industry, offshore platforms and other industries.

United States Steel Corp., Fairfield Works

United States Steel Corp. has 700 employees and is located in Fairfield, AL. This manufacturer stands out thanks to its R&D department.

It's a steel producer and supplier for the energy, transportation and defense sectors.

ArcelorMittal USA, LLC

ArcelorMittal USA, LLC makes pipe and tube products with the automotive, construction, appliance and machinery sectors.

This Shelby, OH, manufacturer has 650 employees and uses a vertical strategy that encompasses mining of raw materials.

Metal-Matic, Inc.

Metal-Matic, Inc. is a Minneapolis, MN, company with 600 employees. They specialize in hydraulic line tubing, boiler tubes, welded carbon steel tubing and high-strength Drawn Over Mandrel tubes.

Benteler Steel Tube Mfg. Corp.

Located in Shreveport, LA, Benteler Steel Tube Mfg. Corp. makes seamless and welded steel tubes.

Their 500 employees deliver high-quality products for the automotive and energy sectors as well as customized industrial solutions for construction and hydraulic systems.

DeBra-Kuempel Co.

Seamless Pipe supplier specializes in industrial piping for the construction industry. This Cincinnati, OH, company has 500 employees and also offers electrical and plumbing products and building automation systems.

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