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Cut costs, improve efficiency , and save a million per year with T-Drill technology.
T-Drill - Productivity as a product
T-DRILL is the globally leading provider of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. For more than three decades, T-DRILL kept developing solutions for diverse applications in many industries, resulting in countless success stories in more than seventy countries.

Whenever two pipes need to be joined together, T-DRILL is the answer.

Chipless cutting

Clean, Cost-effective and accurate Chipless Cutting Technology (TCC).

Tube end forming

Use T-DRILL technology and achieve new potential in heavy-duty tube end forming and flanging.

T-Drill customized solutions

Flexible customized tube and pipe fabrication solutions for a vast variety of tubing needs.

T-DRILL machines are known to have a long lifetime. This is achieved with high-quality machines and with professional customer service.
Varying Tasks and Financial Stability Drew Export Manager Jaakko Anttila Back to T-DRILL

Jaakko Anttila had his first job at T-DRILL when he was just 15 years old. Today, Anttila works at T-DRILL as an Export Manager. In the years in between, Anttila obtained two degrees and worked in different positions at different companies and even operated as an entrepreneur.

T-DRILL summer plans in Frankfurt

We are inviting you to join us at Achema in August.

Koja Ltd. Has Continuously Deepened Their Collaboration with T-DRILL for 25 Years
27.09.2022 - 29.09.2022
Alihankinta | Subcontracting Trade Fair
Subcontracting presents the metal, electronics, plastics and rubber industries, industrial ICT solutions, as well as design and consulting within these fields.
04.10.2022 - 07.10.2022
MSV | International Engineering Fair
MSV’s spotlight is Industry 4.0 and Digital Factory, i.e. digitisation in production, one of the key trends of the innovation process.
12.10.2022 - 15.10.2022
CBB 2022
International Brew & Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition for China
Cut costs, improve effiency


  • Saves up to 40 % in time and costs, as the flanges are formed directly on the end of the pipe.
  • No welding: Fewer points for inspection, fewer weld joints to fail.
  • A flange can be produced in 45 seconds cold and about 3 ½ minutes hot.


  • No T-fittings.
  • No costly inventories.
  • Instead of three welded joints, only one simple weld joint is required.


T-DRILL Customized Solutions - WHEN YOU NEED Seamless production

T-DRILL has the capability to create special machinery solutions to meet its customer’s unique manufacturing requirements and to increase their productivity in a highly effective way.

Customized machines. Special machines can utilize already T-DRILL proven technologies such as collaring, chipless cutting, flanging, or tube end forming. This will also give all the benefits of T-DRILL methods with customized machines.

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Integrated systems. The modular design of T-DRILL machines and equipment allows us to meet industry-specific requirements and offer optimized tube and pipe manufacturing solutions.

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