Seamless Steel Pipes

As trusted steel manufacturer in China, we provide and supply kinds of carbon steel pipes. meanwhile, seamless steel pipes have been exported to many oversea markets as good demand. So what is quality seamless steel pipe and how to choose? As insider of steel industry, we may suggest you below,

What is seamless steel pipe?

Seamless pipe tube is a pipe without any welded point or welding seam. Ideally, the seamless tube would be a solid metal tube with both ends connected to the other tube without any welded joints. According to the production method, seamless steel pipe is divided into hot rolling pipe, cold rolling pipe, cold drawing pipe, extrusion pipe, pipe jacking, etc. In addition, in consider into its section shape, seamless steel pipes can be divided into two common types: round pipe and special-shaped pipes. We often see the square steel tubes and rectangular steel tubes in steel markets.

Advantages of seamless steel pipes

Seamless steel pipe is sometimes more expensive than other forms of steel pipe like mild pipes, low carbon steel pipes or welded steel pipes, but it is also more reliable. Let us read the advantages below,

  • Seamless steel pipe is their ability to bear pressure. The weakest place to weld steel pipe is the welding seam and welded points.
  • Seamless pipe can not only bear its own weight, but also bear heavy load. Normally understand it as strength under load.
  • Seamless steel pipe is a continuous extrusion of alloy, so it means that seamless pipes will have a reliable round hollow section, which is very useful when installing pipes or adding fittings.

Usage of seamless steel pipe

Carbon steel seamless pipes could involve in different industries with different uses, such as Water, oil and gas conveying pipeline with seamless steel pipes, Mechanical structure seamless pipes, High pressure boilers, Shipbuilding with seamless steel pipes and so on.

Specification of seamless steel pipes

As senior steel manufacture, not only we produce seamless steel pipes with GB standard for local buyers, but the most of seamless pipes we manufactured match to international standards such as ASTM, ANSI and API, ASME, etc.

  • Nominal O.D (Outer Diameter, inch) :1/2” to 24”
  • Wall Thickness (inch): 40” to 4,000”