Pipe & Fittings

Poly & Pressure

Piping solutions for high pressure applications.

Copper Pipe & Fittings

A range of copper piping solutions.

PEX Pipe & Fittings

PEX piping solutions for water, gas and hydronic heating.

Steel Pipe & Fittings

A range of steel pipe and fittings.

Brass Pipe & Fittings

Durable brass pipe and fittings .

Schedule Fittings

A range of schedule fittings.


A robust and chemical resistant piping system.

DWV & Sewer

Piping solutions for drainage and sewer.

Traps, Wastes & Grates

Brass, PVC, chrome and stainless steel traps, wastes & grates.


A sound insulating drainage system.

Electrical Pipe & Fittings

Specialty pipe and fittings for electrical applications.

Stormwater Pipe & Fittings

A range of pipe and fittings for stormwater drainage.

Micro Irrigation Pipe & Fittings

Specialty pipe and fittings for irrigation installations.

Threaded Fittings

Poly fittings with threaded ends.

Flexible Hoses

A range of flexible hoses.

Tapping Bands

A selection of tappings bands.


Pipe used for irrigation applications.

Hose & Tap Fittings

Hose and taps fittings for any application.

Irrigation Manifolds

Complete range of Irrigation Manifolds

Universal Couplings

A range of universal couplings.

Agricultural Fittings

Fittings for agricultural applications.

Rubber Connections / Joiners

Flexible connectors for joining pipe.

Ductile Pipe

Ductile piping solutions for water distribution.

Water Meters & Fittings

A range of water metres and fittings.


A selection of ferrules.

Gas Pipe & Fittings

Pipe and fittings for gas applications.

Gas Meters & Fittings

Fittings and metres for gas applications.


Long life piping system for water and gas.

Cover Plates

A selection of cover plates.

Pipe & Fittings

Piping solutions supported by leading brands like Rehau, Vonroll, Auspex, B Press, Geberit, Enki, EvoPEX and many more to help you with whatever job comes your way. The fittings and pipe you choose are crucial to any job, so don't compromise your work and use the very best quality and system on offer. Whether you are roughing in a new home with water and gas, or laying sewer and drainage for a new estate, Reece plumbing have all the options for your piping needs.

DWV, PVC and Stormwater Pipe and Fittings

Our stormwater, DWV and sewer pipe and fittings are made of the highest quality materials and designed by leading brands like Vinidex, to prevent damage from impact, chemicals, corrosion or other harsh conditions.

Irrigation Pipe and Fittings

Select from our wide range of Enki pipe, fittings and dripline for your irrigation piping needs. Our tees, elbows and couplings are safe, versatile and strong for whatever the application. Watering your gardens and lawns has never been easier.

Copper Pipe and Fittings

The highest quality copper pipe that is manufactured to comply with Australian standards and for use with our B Press fitting system. B Press fittings are manufactured for use in water, gas and high temperature applications by Conex Banninger. This innovative B Press joining system is leak free and frame free to create a permanent join in only 3 seconds. B Press provides total support and reassurance all the way from purchase through to install.

Pressure Pipe and Fittings

Your job is made simple and easy with our various classes of pressure pipe and fittings. Available in various lengths, sizes and fittings, our pressure pipe and fittings are durable and reliable.