Top Metal Casting Companies in the USA

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What is Casting?

Casting is a manufacturing process where molten, liquid metal is poured into a mold and is left to cool to conform to the mold’s shape when solidified. Casting has been used for thousands of years, where ancient people would cast brass, iron, copper, and other metals into jewelry, weaponry, and more. Since then, casting has become the foremost tool used by manufacturers to create highly complex, homogenous, and replicable metal products. From raw materials to intricate assemblies, casting is an invaluable additive process that reduces the need for difficult machining and other subtractive methods.

To learn about this metal fabrication technique and its modern implementations, read our article about the types of casting processes.

What is a casting company, and what do they do?

A casting company performs casting procedures on steel and other metals (such as foundries) and/or sells and distributes cast parts for buyers. Casting companies have specialized equipment to perform specific techniques such as investment casting, die casting, sand casting, etc., often with built-in automation and control. Some casting companies will pair with buyers to manufacture parts for them under a contract basis (i.e. produce 10,000 parts, perform casting for a year, etc.). These contract services allow parts procurement without the weighty overhead costs of in-house casting equipment, space, and workers.

There are hundreds of casting companies in the market, but this article will detail today’s top U.S. and top global metal casting companies.

Top Metal Casting Companies in the USA on

Table 1 contains relevant information on the top metal casting companies in the USA, ranked by annual sales in USD. Additional details about each company are included such as headquarters location, number of employees, and brief company summaries.

Table 1 – Top metal casting companies in the USA

List formed using information from



No. of Employees

Annual sales

Waupaca Foundry, Inc.

Waupaca, WI


$250 Mil and over


Eastern Metal Supply, Inc.

Charlotte, NC


$250 Mil and over

Impro Industries USA, Inc.

Diamond Bar, CA


$250 Mil and over

MetalTek International

Waukesha, WI


$250 Mil and over

Sigma OEM

Cream Ridge, NJ


$250 Mil and over

Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co.

Charlotte, NC


$250 Mil and over

Bradken, Inc. (Engineered Products Business)

Kansas City, MO


$250 Mil and over

EJ Group, Inc.

East Jordan, MI


$250 Mil and over

Precision Castparts Corp.

Portland, OR


$250 Mil and over


Company Summaries

Waupaca Foundry, Inc. is a custom casting manufacturer of iron castings for the transportation, construction, agriculture, and industrial markets. Their-high tech equipment ensures perfect iron composition, temperature, and quality post-casting, and they also perform precision machining and assembly services. Their headquarters is in Waupaca, WI.

Eastern Metal Supply, Inc. is a distributor of casted aluminum extrusions for construction, architectural, recreational, transportation, marine, and many more applications. They serve Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean along with the USA, and regularly ship their products with their fleet of 100+ trucks across North America. Their headquarters is in Charlotte, NC.

Impro Industries USA, Inc. is a global casting manufacturer of various metal alloys for the automotive, aerospace, heavy-duty, hydraulic, power, recreational, and medical industries, based out of Diamond Bar, CA. They provide investment casting, CNC machining, turning, milling, sand casting, and other services for blue-chip companies and small businesses alike.

MetalTek International is a custom manufacturer of metal products for the petrochemical, power, defense, processing, mining, and general metalworking industries. They are a leader in centrifugal casting, investment casting, sand casting, and continuous casting processes, and can fabricate parts using an extensive catalog of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. MetalTek is headquartered in Waukesha, WI.

Sigma OEM of Cream Ridge, NJ, is a manufacturer of pump casings, calipers, valve bodies, impellers, counterweights, gears, and many more casted products. along with standalone products, Sigma also provides custom castings for paired customers in their North American network.

Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co. is a manufacturer of cast iron pipes, fittings, and other plumbing components for residential, commercial, and industrial systems. With over 100 years in the business, Charlotte Pipe & Foundry works across the US to provide plumbing solutions. They are headquartered in Charlotte, NC.

Bradken, Inc. (Engineered Products Business) of Kansas City, OH, is a manufacturer of heavy steel alloy and stainless steel castings for power, defense, rail and transit, mining, and custom applications. They have casting capabilities for parts ranging from a few grams to over 25 tons and include machining, finishing, and sub-assembly services.

EJ Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of iron castings, fire hydrants, gratings, and other access infrastructure applications. Their business spans six continents and serves water treatment, telecommunication, utility, and other critical industries. They are based in East Jordan, MI.

Precision Castparts Corp. is a manufacturer of investment castings, forged metals, fastening systems, and more. They produce specialty alloys along with cast parts and serve the aerospace, medical, industrial, and power markets. Their headquarters is in Portland, OR.

Top Global Metal Casting Companies

Table 2 contains the top global metal casting companies, as determined by Grand View Research’s metal casting market analysis report. Additional details are included such as company headquarters, year founded, and the number of locations, as well as brief company summaries in the following section.

Table 2 – Top global metal casting companies



Year Founded

Locations on Website


Pohang, South Korea



Dyanacast International

Charlotte, NC




Pittsburg PA



Ryobi, Ltd.

Fuchu City, Hiroshima, Japan



Endurance Technologies Limited

Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India



Alcast Technologies

Hamilton, ON



Uni Abex

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



MES, Inc.

Columbus, OH




Wilmington, DE



Hitachi Metals

Minato City, Tokyo, Japan




Company Summaries

POSCO is a global producer of steel, making over 41 million tons of crude steel annually. They sell their products to 53 countries globally from their main production site in Pohang, South Korea.

Dyanacast International is an international die casting company based out of Charlotte, NC. They are capable of fabricating parts out of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and other alloys to serve automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, and custom markets.

Arconic is a spinoff of the famous Alcoa and is an international manufacturer of investment and die casting solutions for aerospace, transportation, structural, and defense industries. They have recently split themselves into Arconic Corp. and Howmet Aerospace, which focus on different sectors of the metal fabrication, forging, forming, and extruding markets.

Ryobi, Ltd. of Hiroshima, Japan, is a global manufacturer of complex aluminum and magnesium castings for the automotive industry. They have die casting, printing, and forging capabilities and serve famous brands such as Honda, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Volkswagen, and more.

Endurance Technologies Limited is a global provider of aluminum die casting, machining, suspension, transmission, and braking system technologies. It is a leading automotive manufacturer of India and provides raw aluminum castings, after market services, and automotive OEMs for both domestic and global customers. They are based out of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

Alcast Technologies is a manufacturer of aluminum castings, machined aluminum, and associated finishing services for industrial, military and aerospace markets. They can cast, heat treat, and finish parts ranging from an ounce to 400+ lbs and include a full range of services to ensure the part is exactly as desired. They are headquartered in Hamilton, OH.

Uni Abex of Mumbai, India, is a global manufacturer of centrifugal and static steel and iron castings. They specialize in heat, water, and corrosion resistant alloys for the petrochemical, heating, fastening, and specialty industries.

MES, Inc. is a global manufacturer of supply chain management solutions, ferrous & non-ferrous casted components, and is a service provider of project management, product manufacturing, warehousing, inventory control, and engineering. Their manufacturing capabilities include die and investment casting, forging, extrusion, CNC machining, and assembly. They are headquartered in Columbus, OH.

CALMET is a global supply chain provider of iron castings for the automotive, general engineering, and industrial sectors. They have over 20 years of experience working with customers to fabricate supply chains with their machining, inspection, testing, warehousing, and consultation expertise. They are based out of Wilmington, DE.

Hitachi Metals Of Toyko, Japan, is a global manufacturer of steel, castings, alloys, raw metal materials, machinery, digital equipment, infrastructure, and much more. Their parent group encompasses several subsidiaries that help Hitachi have a worldwide presence as a premier technology conglomerate. They have over 300,000 employees globally and has locations in over 100+ cities.


This article outlined the top metal casting companies in the U.S. and globally. We hope this information has been helpful to you in your supplier search. To learn more about these companies, or to make your own custom list of suppliers, feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery where we have over 2300 casting suppliers listed.




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