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Malleable Pipe Fittings

Malleable fittings are usually used to connect steel pipes. However, galvanized malleable fittings are used for galvanized pipe. Malleable iron pipe fittings are most common among malleable fittings and are available in many different types and sizes.

What is malleable fitting?
Malleable fittings are those fittings having the property of malleability. This is a physical property of metals and metalloids, or any kind of matter. We call a metal malleable when it can easily be deformed, especially by hammering or rolling, without cracking the metal. Malleability is important to form pressing materials such as metals and plastics.
Manufacturing Process:
Malleable iron fittings are made using the most sophisticated metallurgical and processing controls. These fittings are usually made through casting and an automatic precision pattern extrusion. Malleability occurs due to metallic bonding present in most metals. The varieties of free electrons formed during the loss of electrons emerging from the outer-most electron shells of the metal atoms lead to layers of the metal to slide over one another. This process makes the metal malleable.

Buyer's Consideration:
  • The manufacturer's name or trademark must be there in the malleable fittings.
  • The buyer should ensure that the malleable fitting contain service designation for which the fitting is designated.
  • The material designation like steel, cast, malleable or ductile iron and ASTM No. is an extremely important thing that the buyer should consider before buying malleable pipe fittings.
  • Buyer's should ensure that the iron is subjected to proper casting processes.
Malleable iron pipe fittings are used in various applications like steam, air, water, gas, oil and other fluids.

Types of malleable pipe fittings:
There are various pipe fittings that are made of malleable materials. Some of the common malleable fittings are:

Pipe Cap Pipe Coupling Pipe Elbow
Pipe Nipples Pipe Plug Pipe Tee
Pipe Union
Black Iron Side Outlet Tee