HDPE compression fittings are is mechanical fittings that are used to connect HDPE pipes to a fixture or valve. They are widely used in plumbing and piping systems, joining two pipes together. Compression fittings consist of three parts: the compression nut, the compression ring and the compression seat. A compression fitting works by sliding the pipe into the fitting, and then tightening the nut. The compression ring then compresses between the nut and receiving fitting, ensuring a water-tight connection.

Benefits Of Using HDPE Compression Fittings In Pipe Systems

There are multiple benefits to using HDPE compression fittings in your piping systems. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for special tools
  • Low maintenance over time, which makes the piping system last longer
  • No soldering required, which is especially beneficial for areas where no soldering is allowed
  • Light-weight in comparison to other materials, which assists in making the assembly quick and more effective
  • Leak-free jointing is ensured via heat-infused joints to ensure strong connections
  • Leak-free connections, provided they are installed correctly
  • Corrosion resistant due to being HDPE. They won’t rust or disintegrate, even after continuous exposure to water or liquids
  • Can handle water surges due to excellent water hammer capabilities

Our Product Range

Pipe Fittings And Accessories has the following compression fittings in supply:

  • Male adaptors
  • Female adaptors
  • Couplers
  • End plugs
  • Male elbows
  • Female elbows
  • Equal elbows
  • Male tee’s
  • Female tee’s
  • Equal tee’s
  • 45° male elbows
  • 45° female elbows
  • 45° equal elbows
  • Female saddles
  • Compression saddles
  • PVC ball valves
  • Nylomatic non-return valves
  • Male piplet
  • Female piplet

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