The FlashShield System

FlashShield+™ flexible gas piping delivers industry leading household fault current and lightning protection. It utilizes a metallic-shield within its protective jacket to handle hi-voltage risks associated with lightning strikes as well as dielectric jackets for lower voltage associated with household fault current. The system uses XR3 fittings specifically designed for use with FlashShield+ CSST and the complete system eliminates the manufacturer’s requirement for direct-bonding.  

FlashShield+™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing >>

FlashShield+™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) supplies natural gas or LP gas to appliances. FlashShield+ is a reliable, lightning and household fault current resistant system that can be installed in all modes of construction. The protective jacket system of FlashShield+ utilizes the Arc-Trap™ feature of the XR3 fitting to deliver energy to ground.

Manifolds >>

Manifolds provide central distribution point for individual runs to each appliance.

XR3 Fittings >>

XR3 fittings are designed with a metal-locking feature for FlashShield and Arc-Trap™ feature for FlashShield+. These create protection against hi-voltage risk associated with lightning strikes. The exclusive, patented Jacket-Lock™ fitting eliminates exposed stainless steel beyond the nut. The XR3 fitting requires minimal torque for easy fitting installation. With no o-rings or gaskets, the reusable brass components provide a reliable metal-to-metal seat.

Protection and Bonding >>

Where flexible gas piping passes through structural members and is restricted from moving to avoid potential puncture threats, Gastite® recommends striker plates for protection. Steel conduit is also available to provide additional protection where striker plates cannot be easily installed.

Modular Stub System >>

The FlashShield Modular Stub System creates a fixed point "stub-out" on a wall or floor surface for meter and appliance attachment. Reducing the number of joints in the system where "stub-outs" are typically fabricated from rigid pipe nipples, elbows and couplings, the Modular Stub System is aesthetically pleasing and a time saver.

Quick Connects & Accessories >>

Quick-Connect valve and accessories provide a safe and easy "quick-connect" for barbecue grills, space heaters and decorative lighting. Recessed mounted quick connect boxes are available in stainless steel.Use quality shut-off ball valves to control gas flow to appliances and pounds-to-inches regulators.

Mounting Hardware >>

Termination brackets, rooftop blocks, recessed gas outlet boxes, and manifold brackets. Everything needed to properly and conveniently install FlashShield flexible gas piping in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Tubing Cutters & Accessories >>

Tubing Cutters, fitted with cutting wheels designed to cut stainless steel, create clean cuts for optimal flaring of tubing.


Pipe Support System >>

The Pipe Support System effectively anchors and supports lightweight CSST, as well as other fuel gas piping materials to any roofing membrane.


Regulators >>

Gastite offers Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini, and OARA regulators for use in elevated pressure systems (in excess of 1/2 psi) to reduce pressure to standard appliance use levels. Outdoor vent protectors and vent line protectors for end termination are also available.

System Identification >>

Adhesive Labels for are offered to identify elevated pressure systems, as well as metal tags for Uniform Plumbing Code compliance.