Flange Specifications


Several governing specifications exist for a wide variety of industrial steel flanges, and each have their own suitability for our customers’ applications. Here at Texas Flange, our most popular product lines include ASME/ANSI flanges, API flanges, AWWA flanges, and DIN flanges. Let’s dive a bit deeper below.


The industry standard for pipeline flanges and fittings. B16.1, B16.5, and B16.47 are the most recognized standards nationwide.

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Deutsches Institut fur Normung developed a metric standard for flanges and fittings which are most commonly used as an ANSI equivalent for Europe, as well as pressure vessels being sent to foreign markets.

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American Petroleum Institute flanges and fittings are reference under API 6A and utilized for high pressure oilfield applications.

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A Japanese specification for materials utilized almost exclusively in Japan, but often found in maritime vessels world wide.

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The American Water Works Association specification C207 provides flanges mostly of the plate variety and for use in low pressure and low temperature applications.

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Boiler Code Flanges

We continue to offer replacements for legacy systems or new applications that don’t require B16.47 or AWWA flanges. Note that the Blinds are provided “to match” either slip on or weld neck flanges, so if you’re looking for blinds by themselves, we’ll need to know with which type they’re being paired.


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