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Wire Mesh Filter

Wire mesh filter is in the shute direction and is woven in both plain and twill weave patters. We use stainless steel woven mesh 304, 304L, 316, 316L as filter media in the patterns of plain, twilled, dutch weave.

Panel Filter

Panel Filter is made of heavy gauge galvanized steel frame, with the filter media bonded to the frame with high strength adhesive on all sides. Panel filters are used for coarse filtration for removal of particles.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter

Pleated Filter Element

Pleated filter elements are made of quality stainless steel woven wire cloth with micron opening. The alternative filter media can be sintered fiber web imported from Belgium.

Cylinder Filter Element

The Cylinder Filter Element is made of sintered wire mesh laminate and is comparatively simple in processing compared with pleated filter elements. Normally comes in the form of pipes or cylinder filter.

Brewing Filter

Brewing filter, made of stainless steel material, is ideal for filtering and purifying home brewing beer or wine.

Air Filter Elements

The air filter selection includes particulate filters, coalesces, absorbers, and more types. The higher efficiency filtration to primary air filters for computer room units, air filter elements offers a solution for virtually application.

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge

Overcome the temperature and compatibility limitations of fabric or synthetic fiber cartridges by replacing them with these stainless steel wire cloth elements.

Hydraulic Filter Elements

The filter division of Boegger Company has introduced a range of hydraulic filter elements designed to eliminate the problems of equipment downtime and failure caused by fluid contamination.

Gas & Diesel Universal Filter Elements

Filter material is high-quality wood pulp paper, with improved filter efficiency. Filtration accuracy is averagely between 5 to 200 microns. It is used for gasoline, diesel fuel and other media.

Diesel Oil Filter

With stainless steel woven wire mesh as filter materials, the diesel filter elements have good strength and good anti-breaking strength. Diesel Oil Filter is widely used in petrol, diesel and other fuels fields.

Suction Strainers

Suction strainers are made with stainless steel wire. This type materials can provide increased corrosion resistance to salts and acids. It is the most widely used alloys for corrosion resistance.

Wire Mesh Filter Discs

Wire mesh filter discs are made with stainless steel wire mesh, cooper wire mesh and brass wire mesh. It as the filter layers with variety of shapes in using of chemical or mining.

Filter Wire Cloth

Filter wire cloth is with weaving type of plain weaving, twilled weaving, dutch plain weaving. With larger weft wire than the warp. Dutch Weave filter wire cloth makes idea fine filtration materials in various industries.

Filter Belts

Boegger woven synthetic filter belts are constructed to meet the most demanding filtration and process requirements. Specialized weaving and finishing equipment produces a comprehensive range of high quality belts.

Filter Wire Mesh (Knitted)

Knitted wire mesh filter is a kind of compressed wire mesh filter elements providing a random flow and filtration effects. Boegger Company can supply the knitted wire mesh filter in the form of airbag filter

Filter Metal Sheet (Perforated)

Perforated metal sheet is used as filter equipment in industry, chemical, food and mining fields. It is widely used for filtration or separation of gas, oil, fuel and so on.

Pack Filter Screen

Boegger pack filter screen has multi-layer wire cloth filter components welded or framed with filter media of a wide range of micron opening. Types of Pack Filter Screen: Pack filter screen can be made into round, square and other special shapes.

Wire Cloth Strainers

Boegger woven synthetic filter belts are constructed to meet the most demanding filtration and process requirements. Specialized weaving and finishing equipment produces a comprehensive range of high quality belts.

Basket Filter

Basket filters will permit the straining or filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All baskets filters are easily removable and cleanable. Basket strainers elements can be offered in single cylinder,

Wire Cloth Filter Parts

We can design and make wire cloth stripes, pieces, screens, leaf packs, strainers and other fabricated parts for our customers, whether you need woven wire cloth, sintered wire cloth laminated sheets or stainless steel sintered fiber web as raw materials.

Candle Filters

Candle filters are come in different size and different shape. Boegger Company offers two types of candle filters; a tube type and a pleated type.

Mist Eliminator

Mist eliminator is also called mist collector. Boegger offers a full line of mist collectors including continuous duty centrifugals. Mist eliminators are used to collect light mist and swarf

Dust Collector Filter Cartridge

In a dust filter baghouse which employs a small-diameter filter cartridge, the same attachment structure is adapted for installation of the cartridge from either below or above the baghouse tube sheet.