Pickup Products

  • PVC-U Pipes and Fittings for Water Supply and Pressure Pipeline

  • PVC-C Pipes and Fittings for Hot Water Supply

  • PVC-U Pipes and Fittings for Drain and Vent

  • PVC-U Mini-Manholes

What's Kubota ChemiX

We, Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd., are Japanese leading plastic pipe manufacturer. We were established on April 1st, 2005, as Kubota-C.I. Co., Ltd. by merger of Kubota Corporation’s and C.I. Kasei Co., Ltd.’s plastic pipe division, and the company was named after both companies.

Our company name changed to Kubota ChemiX Co., Ltd. in May 1st, 2016, because of dissolution of capital investment from C.I. Kasei Co., Ltd. We are now fully owned subsidiary company of Kubota Corporation.

We will keep on improving our product lineup and providing the best product to the society.