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Well Service Manifolds
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Well Service Manifolds

Fully customizable manifold assemblies for well service

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We design and manufacture Anson™ manifolds to our own or customers’ designs. These manifolds are used for various applications and are made up of Anson OEM valves and flowline.

Choke manifold 

 A choke manifold is the primary means of controlling surface well flow and pressure using a system of shutoff valves and choke valves. Dependent upon the application, the shut off valves would either be Anson plug valves or E-type gate valves and Anson AH2 choke valves. Using a mix of adjustable (with handwheel) or positive (fixed bean) choke valves, the manifold controls the flow rate and reduces well pressure ahead of downstream processing equipment.  

The number of valves, configuration of the manifold, and choice of actuation are customizable. We work with you to ensure that the design is perfectly suited to your application.

Debris catcher manifold 

The debris catcher (trash catcher) manifold is used in flowback operations to protect downstream equipment from impact damage from large particles. The manifold is comprised of either Anson plug valves or e-type gate valves and an Anson debris catcher. This can be single leg (one catcher) or dual leg (two catchers). The dual leg design enables zero downtime, as when one strainer line is being cleared the other strainer can be used. 

The debris catcher contains a filter (screen) that catches and retains large solids. As part of the flowback system, the debris catcher manifold is positioned upstream of the choke manifold to protect the chokes and equipment downstream. 

Anson debris catchers are available with fine mesh filters included with the screen to remove smaller particles from the process flow.

Well test diverter manifolds 

Our Anson diverter manifolds are part of our Anson well test spread, situated downstream of the separator, and they divert the oil or gas to the next stage in the process. Both are made up of ball valves and figure 206 hammer union connections.

Frac manifolds and trees

We supply valve assemblies for all your pressure pumping requirements, including frac manifolds, zipper manifolds, gravel pack, acidizing, and frac trees. Rated from 2,000 to 20,000 psi (Standard Service), we have a complete range for your well service needs.

Christmas trees

Anson Christmas trees are available in composite or block configurations, all using the Anson E-type gate valve technology and rated for working pressures from 2,000 to 20,000 psi.  

Control systems 

Alongside our actuated gate valves, manifolds, and emergency shutdown valves, we also supply a control system designed to suit your operations. Whether it is for supply with new Anson valve packages or manifolds or for updating your current control system, NOV has dedicated engineers with vast experience in design to meet your needs.

Anson valves and fittings are also used in manifolds assembled and supplied through our other divisions of NOV. Please ask us about other manifold requirements if not mentioned above.  

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