We are Suppliers and Exporters of Drill Pipe Protectors. These protectors prevent thread during storage, transportation, or moving around the pipe yard. These thread protectors are made to fit both the pin and the box pipe ends. Drill pipe thread protectors are installed around the end of the drill pipe and then the tubing to prevent the pipe ends from damaging each other. It conforms to the API safety and usage standards.

These are threaded at both ends and come in sections known as tool joints. They are placed between the standard pipe and the drill collar to reduce pipe fatigue and failure. Installing drill pipe protectors prevents undesired contact that can damage pipes during storage, installation, shipping, and transport. We provide the best quality drill pipe protectors for maximum protection and durability in all standard and non-standard sizes.


  • It conforms to API safety and usage standard.
  • Easy to install and suitable for all threads, hence flexible in operation.
  • Widely used in Oil and Gas industries for cost efficiency and safety purposes.
  • Installation of these products can reduce the time and money spent dealing with pipe damage and accidents.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes are colors and is made from different kinds of materials, including plastic and steel.

Thread Protectors For Drill Pipe

OD PIPE (mm) Size & Thread Thread HDPC plastic (CENL) (CEL)
60.33 2 3/8" IF, NU, EU,PAC, REG PIN
73.03 2 7/8" NU, EU, REG, EUE, IF, PAC, PH6 PIN/BOX, HTPAC BOX
88.9 3 1/2" NU, EU, REG, IF
114.1 4 1/2" REG, IF, Pin, NU, EU, STC, LTC, BTC, REG PIN/BOX, H-90, IF, PH6 PIN/BOX
127 5" H-90, LTC, BTC
139.7 5 1/2" FH, IF, REG, STC, LTC, BTC, FH DSTJ, FH PIN, FH BOX
168.3 6 5/8" REG, IF, REG PIN, REG BOX, H-90 PIN, BTC, FH, FH PIN/BOX
177.8 7" STC, LTC, BTC
193.7 7 5/8" REG, IF, H-90 Pin, BTC, LTC, REG PIN, REG BOX
219.1 8 5/8" REG, STC, LTC, BTC
244.5 9 5/8" STC, LTC, BTC
272.1 10 3/4" STC, BTC
339.7 13 3/8" STC, BTC
508 20" STC, BTC
Drill Pipe NC26 (2 3/8") IF
508 20" STC, BTC

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