HDPE Pipe, Fittings, and Fabrication

Consolidated is one of the nation's largest high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe distributor and fabricator.

We offer solutions and services nationwide for all HDPE project applications and feature a division dedicated to providing engineered products and designs for the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe industry.

HDPE Advantages

  • Meets or exceeds underground operating temperatures and pressures
  • Excellent insulator, minimal heat transfer
  • Does not become brittle at 32 deg. F
  • No leakage, seamlessly fused
  • Non-corrosive with high flow properties
  • UV protected
  • Withstands fatigue and surges
  • Long term lifespan delivering economy, value, and dependability


Consolidated always stocks a wide range of standard fittings and excels at fabricating made-to-order HDPE fittings specific to your project.

  • Flanges, Ells, and Tees
  • Crosses and Wyes
  • Reducers, End caps, Anchors, and Stops
  • Saddles, Transitions, and Spacers
  • Pulling Heads and Backup Rings/li>


Consolidated's Lawrenceville, GA HDPE shop offers custom design, engineering, and fabrication to solve any project need.

  • Manholes, Vaults, and Manifolds
  • Geothermal, Chemical Industry, and Marine Components
  • Headers and Diffusers
  • Tanks, Sumps, Sump Liners, and Floats
  • Elbows, Tees, Wyes, and Specialized Fittings
  • Perforated and Slotted Pipe

Fusion Services and Expertise

Consolidated offers fusion technicians and engineers to assist on all HDPE projects.

  • Butt fusion: A common method of joining polyethylene pipes or fittings. The materials are heated, brought together, and allowed to cool. If done correctly, the joint will become as strong as the pipe itself.
  • Electrofusion: A simple, cost effective method ideal for repairs and difficult connections. Fittings are available in a wide-range of sizes and can be self-tapping or saddles to better facilitate repairs.
  • Extrusion: A weld-like procedure where a bead of molten polyethylene is extruded from a gun allowing for a molecular bond between sections of pipe.

McElroy Rentals

Consolidated maintains the largest certified McElroy rental fleet in the Southeast. That combined with our elite fusion technicians and certified McElroy mechanics make CPS the premier HDPE supplier and fabricator in the market today.

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Large Diameter Pipe

Consolidated also offers a selection of the large diameter pipe, fittings, and structures.

  • Rust-free culverts for new installation and replacement
  • Corrosion resistant industrial piping systems
  • Waste water transmission and treatment
  • Storm water transmission and retention
  • Manholes, tanks, and select structures
  • Water supply and renewable energy
  • Irrigation and food production
  • Marine and dredging applications


Consolidated Fittings and Fabrication can help extend the life of your heater with a non-stick coating that meets industry standard and extends the life of your investment.

Service Features

  • 5-day turnaround time on recoatings.
  • All sidewall adapters come with new screws.
  • All adapters and heater plates are repackaged like new.
  • Size capabilities from 1/2" to 36" for plates and all sidewall adapters.
  • All plates and adapters are recoated with original McElroy factory coating.

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In the West?

High Country Fusion is a national leader in HDPE piping, custom fittings and structures.

As a part of the Consolidated Pipe family with multiple locations across the American West, we can now better serve HDPE customers with the great Consolidated service, support and innovation from coast to coast.

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