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Choke Manifold - Well Testing Choke Manifold

4 valves choke manifoldChoke manifold is a system of valves and chokes for controlling the flow from the well usually has two flow paths, one adjustable choke used primarily for cleaning the well up and facilities to install and change choke of fixed sizes for a more accurate flow control during main well flow periods.

Each flow path has two closing gate valves which are used to direct the flow through either of the chokes or the chokes or the bypass and to provide isolation from pressure when changing the fixed choke. A dual isolation, double block and bleed valve arrangement is recommended for high pressure, sour gas and sand frac clean ups.

Choke manifold is used during well testing,. The positive choke has a fixed diameter and the size of the orifice on the adjustable choke can be varied. In addition the adjustable choke allows fixed chokes to be switched out as needed without stopping the well, increasing the flexibility of the overall system.

Choke Manifold has these principle functions:
 • It allows wellhead pressure to be controlled, improving safety.
 • It maintains a certain flow rate, as required for testing. A test can require different flow rates over several time periods, requiring the use of different choke sizes.
 • It prevents formation sand from entering the well by limiting the flow rate. Limiting the flow rate reduces the speed of the fluid, which in turn, minimizes the amount of sand entering the well.
 • It also prevents water and gas coning by limiting the flow rate.
 • It is also used to ensure that the flow is critical, meaning that the pressure fluctuations downstream of the choke manifold do not affect downhole pressure and flow rate of the well.

Our Choke manifolds are available in 5,000; 10,000; and 15,000 psi, all bore sizes.