Black Pipe Fittings

About Black Fittings

Black malleable type fittings are used primarily for natural gas, oil and hydronic heating applications. We stock Ward & Matco-Norca brands class 150 fittings, which are the standard for residential and most commercial piping applications. They are UL and FM approved for US and Canada and certified to meet NSF/ANSI 61 standard.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these fittings domestic or imported?
A: Ward fittings we sell are domestic (made in the USA). Matco-Norca fittings are imported.

Q: What is the pressure rating?
A: Fittings we sell are class 150, which is rated 150 psi max pressure at temperatures -20 to 350°F. At temperatures -20 to 150° the same fittings are rated for 300 psi pressure. These ratings meet or exceed the ASME B16.3 industry standard (B16.39 for Unions and B16.14 for Bushings).

Q: Should I use thread sealant or tape on these fittings?
A: While it may not be required to use both the pipe dope and PTFE (Teflon) tape and the same time, we recommend using both. PTFE pipe tape is helpful in creating a thin, yet solid film, which seals the threads much better than the thread sealant alone. Pipe dope (thread sealant) provides lubrication needed to screw in the fittings (especially larger sizes). Note that the tape must be applied to the pipe threads first, followed by the sealant.

Q: What kind of threads do these fittings have?
A: All threads are US standard, NPT (National Pipe Thread), also known as IPS (Iron Pipe Size) tapered threads.
Often they are referred to as MIP/FIP (Male Iron Pipe/Female Iron Pipe), MPT/FPT (Male Pipe Thread/Female Pipe Thread) or MNPT/FNPT (Male National Pipe Thread/Female National Pipe Thread) – all of which refer to the same male (threaded pipe) and female (threaded fitting) connections. They also work with black pipe nipples we sell.

Q: Are these malleable iron fittings Lead-Free?
A: Yes. All black fittings made by Ward and Matco-Norca are NSF certified Lead-Free and meet the NSF/ANSI 372 (61-g formerly) standard and the newer 2014 SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Act) regulations.

Q: What are the applications of malleable iron fittings? Can I use them for steam?
A: Black malleable fittings are generally used for natural gas piping applications. Steam jobs often use class 125 (or 250) cast iron fittings and the requirements may vary depending on local codes. The main difference is the brittleness of cast iron, which allows to easily disassemble the line by hitting the fittings with a hammer. Malleable iron is softer and therefore will not crack like cast iron.