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OEM Drill Thru & Flow Thru Equipment

Intended for manufacturers of production, drilling, and refinery equipment. The API 16A-0250 and 6A-2091 Monogram Program authenticates that manufacturers are operating to and upkeeping with the highest level of quality standards within the Oil and Gas industry.

With our large Machine Tool program, DNV approved certifications for Drilling Spools/Adapter Spools/Spacer Spool, and with the most talented and experienced customer-focused organization in Houston, TX. B.O.P. Products capabilities include an extensive range of custom machining and manufacturing proficiencies that meet and exceed the demands and expectations of our customers at a global spectrum, and throughout the Oil & Gas Industry.

Products Include:

  • Adapter WECO Flange Female
  • Adapter WECO Flange Male
  • Flanged Cross
  • Companion Flange
  • DSA (Double Studded Adapter)
  • Studded Crosses, Tees & 90
  • Blind, Test, & Weldneck Flanges
  • Spacer, Adapter, & Drilling Spools
  • Test Stumps

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BOP’s Focus is to Provide High-Quality Products that Perform

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience in regards to both products and services. From immediate service on equipment at the operating site to skilled remanufacturing service, BOP Products provides the quick response, knowledge, and true sensitivity to your schedule. We provide blowout preventers up to the diverter size. BOP Products offers 24/7 field service and a large inventory of the most requested parts to minimize downtime on your site.

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