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NANOMYTE® Anticorrosion Coatings

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NANOMYTE® pretreatments, primers, and topcoats are an innovative drop-in solution for your metal finishing applications, whether it’s preserving aesthetic appearance or maintaining structural integrity. Formulations apply easily to metal substrates by immersion, spray, wipe or brush, even in the field, without special equipment or surface preparation.

Technology Benefits

The key to the development of NANOMYTE® paints and coatings has been our ability to understand corrosion mechanisms and characterize bulk and surface metal properties at the nanometer scale. By controlling the behavior of ions and molecules, the coatings slow down or stop the electrochemical reactions that adversely alter the appearance of metals or compromise structural integrity due to corrosion. The chemistry of our formulations and the structure of our coatings enable the same active corrosion protection enabled by chromate. The result is measured in terms of laboratory and field performance, ensuring corrosion protection that meets or exceeds industry or military standards.

Anticorrosion Product Lines

NEI provides a variety of different Pretreatments, Primers, and Topcoats for various metals and applications. Select a tab below to learn more about each product line and coating.




Self-Healing Polymer Coating for Metals

Solventborne, self-healing clear coat for steel & aluminum that provides easy scratch repair.


Extended Metal Protection under Extremely Corrosive Conditions

Solventborne coating for steel & aluminum with a penetrating formula that encapsulates metal when applied directly to the surface, eliminating the need for grit blasting.


Nanocomposite Barrier Coating for Superior Corrosion Protection

Thin, solventborne, hard barrier coating for steel & aluminum that bonds to bare, pretreated or painted metal surfaces and provides superior corrosion protection.


Nanocomposite Barrier Coating with UV Protection

TC-4001-UVP is a single component formulation designed to protect metals and other surfaces from degrading, preserving their structural integrity and appearance. The hard, durable coating is applied directly to the surface to form a dense barrier that prevents moisture penetration and corrosion. TC-4001 strongly adheres to bare, pretreated, and painted metal, as well as other surfaces, such as plastics and composites. The coating is easily applied by immersion, spraying or brushing, in thicknesses ranging from microns to mils.

Learn More: UVP Technology ♦ UVP Tech Brief


Anti-Corrosion Coating for Zinc-plated & Galvanized Steel

Thin, solventborne, hard barrier coating that bonds to zinc-plated or galvanized steel, with high coverage and excellent cyclic performance.


Anti-Corrosion Coating for Zinc-plated & Galvanized Steel with UV Protection

TC-5001-UVP is a single component formulation designed to protect zinc-plated and galvanized steel from corrosion and degradation. The product is a hard, dense nanocomposite coating that provides barrier protection for the alloy surface. The coating resists scratching and chipping, and strongly adheres to the substrate. The formulation has enhanced weatherability and is designed to meet customers’ requirements for film thickness and curing conditions.

Learn More: UVP Technology ♦ UVP Tech Brief


NANOMYTE® Pretreatments


Drop-in Replacement for Chromate or Phosphate Pretreatment

Waterborne, chromate-free anticorrosion pretreatment that provides excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion for aluminum or steel.


Pretreatment for Steel Helps Reduce Level of Grit Blasting

Thin, waterborne nanocomposite pretreatment providing excellent adhesion between metal and primer, enabling a reduction in grit blasting for steel substrates.


Self-healing Anticorrosion Coating Eliminates the Need for Physical Spacers

Waterborne, chromate-free, self-healing conversion coating for magnesium that is a drop-in replacement for chromate.


Electrically Conducting Corrosion Resistant Coating

Electrically conducting, waterborne, self-healing conversion coating, specifically formulated for the surface treatment of lightweight metal alloys.


Self-healing Pretreatment for Superior Corrosion Protection

Waterborne pretreatment for zinc-plated & galvanized steel that improves adhesion and minimizes white & red rust formation, when used in conjunction with TC-5001.




Solventborne primer for steel with high elasticity, providing superior corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion to the substrate while avoiding blistering.


Solventborne primer for steel with high elasticity, that provides good barrier protection and bridges large cracks; applicable up to 200µm in a single coat.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Wide Usage – Compatibility with most structural metals
  • High Performance – Long lasting corrosion protection
  • Green Chemistry – Chromate-free coatings comply with environmental, health, and safety standards
  • Smart Functionality – System capable of repairing itself when damaged
  • Cost Savings – Less maintenance, materials, and labor
  • Improved Productivity – May require less physical preparation of the metal surface
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NANOMYTE® Anticorrosion Coatings are sold and shipped directly from NEI and available in liter or gallon (~3.8L) quantities, as well as higher volumes by request. Alternatively, NEI offers custom coating services for a nominal fee and would be happy to coat your sample substrates for evaluation purposes. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide free samples.

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