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INNOTECH is among the premium Aluminum Coil Manufacturers. We have a proven track record of offering a wide range of aluminum coil among other metals. Each coil is manufactured to meet the demands of any number of uses.
Almost 1/3rd as dense as steel or copper,aluminum provides the benefits of ductility and malleability. It ultimately allows aluminum to be machined easily and cast into aluminum sheeting or coils. Due to its consistent lightness, strength, and value, it becomes easy to grasp why aluminum remains a sought-after metal. Also, aluminum is used to match almost all types of needs across a wide range of industries.
Available in alloys and the series range, we stock a range of aluminum coils and Steel Coil to serve a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, electrical, automotive, and foodservice. It is important that choosing the correct alloy for the aluminum coil by leading aluminum coil manufacturers is dependent directly on the specific use case. To remain competitive among other Aluminum Coil Manufacturers, we constantly read the manufacturing environment and demands of various industries

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We are among the specialist aluminum coils suppliers in Bursa, Turkey. We have been renowned as an active supplier in the manufacturing, processing, and distribution of metals to industries for over a decade.
Using the expertise and knowledge acquired by our staff on the metal and steel industry and our close association with the organizations, we give world-class aluminum coils in advising on grades, material usage, and specifications, to help the systems’ life expectancy. We guide you through the range of processes and capabilities we offer that can be tailored to satisfy your requirements.
As one of the leading aluminum coils suppliers, our vast range of products are distributed to several countries worldwide. We ensure to hold stock to supply minimal lead times, catering to the demands of our valued customers.
Being one of the top aluminum Coils Suppliers, our aim is to offer the highest level of aluminum coils at competitive prices; backed with ISO 9001 quality approval.

Product Description

1050 ,1060 , 3003, 5052 ,5083 ,5182 , 6061
1050 aluminum is a kind of commercial pure aluminum. According to international alloy nomenclature: the last two numbers “50” represent that the aluminum content must be above 99.5%, and the product is qualified only if this condition is met. 1050 aluminum sheet/coil does not contain other technical elements, so the production process is relatively simple and the price is lower than the other. It is the most common alloy in conventional industry. 1060 aluminum plate/coil, also known as pure aluminum plate/coil, contains 99.6% aluminum content. 1060 aluminum plate/coil has good elongation and tensile strength, and due to its high formability, it can completely meet the normal processing requirements (like stamping or stretching). It also has the property like high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and it can withstand all kinds of pressure processing, stretching and bending. However, it is non-heat treatable because of its low strength, and the machinability is not good; gas wielding, atomic-hydrogen welding and contact welding are available, but braze welding is not recommended. 3003 aluminum sheets/coils belong to a kind of AL-Mn alloy which is approximately 10% stronger than alloy 1100. 3003 aluminum sheets are non-heat treatable, so the mechanical property is improved by cold processing: it has high plasticity in annealed condition, good plasticity when semi-cold hardening, while low plasticity during cold hardening. It has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, but poor machinability. It is mainly used on low load parts working in liquid or gas and require high formability and weldability, such as oil tank, gasoline or lubricate pipe, liquid container, and other low load parts made by deep drawing. Wire rods are used to make rivets. 5052 aluminum sheets/coils belong to Al-Mg aluminum alloy, where magnesium is the main element inside. This kind of alloy is the most extensively used anti-rust aluminum and it has high strength, extraordinary fatigue resistance, excellent plasticity and corrosion resistance; it is non-heat treatable: it has high plasticity at annealed condition, good plasticity when semi-cold hardening, while low plasticity during cold hardening. It can be polished and has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, but poor machinability. Xinyu 5052 aluminum sheets have been certified by ASTM B209 and our production are all conducted according to international standards 5083 aluminum sheets/coils belong to Al-Mg-Si series aluminum and have been widely used in different fields, in which construction industry is the most promising one. 5083 aluminum sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, good cold processing property, and medium strength.

5182 aluminum sheets/coils are Al-Mg series anti-rust aluminum, which have the similar properties with 5A02. The magnesium content is higher than that in 5A02 and a small amount of silicon is added, so 5182 aluminum sheets/coils have better weldability comparing to 5A02 and are suitable for gas welding, argon arc welding, spot welding and rolling welding. 6061 aluminum sheets/coils belong to Al-Mg-Si alloy, where magnesium and silicon are main elements inside. 6061 aluminum sheets/coils have medium strength, excellent plasticity, corrosion resistance, weldability, cold processing property and no stress corrosion cracking tendency, which can be colored by anodizing painted with lacquer enamel. They are very promising and widely used and suitable to be used as construction or decoration materials. Containing a small amount of Cu, the strength for 6061 is higher than 6063.

Thickness:0.2-7.0 mm
Less than 6000mm or customized
Weight:0.5-7.0 tons per pallet or customized
Temper:HO-H24 (1050) , H0-H321 (1060,3003,5052,5083,51,82) ,HO-T651(6061)
Surface treatment:Mill finished and silvery aluminum

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