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Reducing Flange 6x4 Pipe Size ID

Reducing Flange 6x4 Pipe Size ID
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Full Description

Reducing Flange Dimensions

Part#: PFDLW6x4P

Reducing slip on flange has an inside diameter to weld to an 4 pipe with bolt hole mounting pattern to fit an 6 pipe flange.

Pipe flange bolt hole pattern: ANSI, 150# flange

Pipe flange Inside Diameter (ID): 4.57

Pipe flange Outside Diameter (OD): 11

Pipe flange Bolt Hole Center Diameter: 9.5

Pipe flange Bolt Hole Diameter: 0.88

Pipe flange Number of Bolt Holes: 8

Pipe flange thickness: .5

Pipe flange ship weight: 11.1 lbs

Material: Carbon steel flange

Flange style: Plate flange, flat face flange, ring flange, weld flange or slip on flange

These pipe flanges have a phonographic finish face to provide excellent adhesion with gasket during installation. This steel pipe flange is coated with a light weight oil for rust prevention.

This reducing flange welds to all 4 schedule pipe sizes. The two size reducing flange is also referred as a ring flange, weld flange, back up flange or slip on reducing flange.  Reducing slip on flanges are used to transition from one pipe flange size to the next pipe flange size. Reducing flanges are also available to transition to one pipe flange sizes, for example a 8 pipe flange to a 10 pipe flange.  At top of this page, click Plate Flanges and select One Size Reduction Flanges - Carbon Steel.

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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Thickness 1/2"
Product Type Slip On Flanges
ID Type Pipe
Size 6"
Material Carbon Steel
Class 150