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About Creating a Custom Pipe Fitting

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AutoCAD MEP 2022




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You can create a custom pipe fitting when the required fitting is not available from the part catalog or you need to match a unique design. You create custom fittings by converting AutoCAD lines, arcs, and polylines into AutoCAD MEP 2022 toolset objects with connectors. Part properties, such as size, shape, and system definition are inherited from the connecting parts to maintain system integrity. Part properties, such as CEL (connector engagement length) and AoD (angle of deflection), are stored with the drawing. Custom fittings are style-based objects that you can access from the Style Manager. Each custom fitting you create represents a single style.

Note: You cannot add custom fittings to a part catalog. If you create a custom fitting to be used multiple times, you can share custom fittings between drawings using the copy and paste functionality.
  • In the Piping workspace, draw the centerlines of the new custom fitting using lines, polylines, or arcs.
  • Click Home tab Build panel Pipe Fitting drop-down Pipe Custom Fitting .
  • Click the lines just drawn, and then press Enter.
  • In the Create Custom Fitting dialog box, enter a name, and select a system.
  • Select the diameter for the start and end of each segment, and then select Mitered End if an end is mitered.
  • Determine if the properties are applied to some or all of the segments:
    • If the properties assigned to the current segment are the same for all segments, select Apply to All Segments.
    • If the properties of the next segment are different from those of the current segment, click Next twice.
      Note: The Next button is not available if you select Apply to All Segments.
  • Click Finish.
  • On the command line, enter y (yes) to erase the original centerline geometry or n (no) to keep the original geometry in the drawing.
Note: If any size or shape properties of the segments are incomplete, the software will prompt you that it cannot create the custom fitting.



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