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Galvanized steel water tank

product description

Galvanized steel water tank

The hot dipped galvanized steel water tank is defers to the manufactured new type water tank.The manufacture and the installmentof tank have no influence of the construction.There are not needed the welding apparatus, the surface is hot dipped galvanize antiseptic treatment. It’s artistic durable, prevents two times pollution to water quality and it beneficial to human health.

The water tank meets the construction product standardization, the seriation and the factorization request.

This product is suitable for the construction water storing,the regulating tank,heating system's inflation water tank,the condensate tank as well as the building construction, the geological prospecting,the industry, the defense project and so on temporarily store water tank.This water tank volume has 24 kinds specifications, select for the design. The engineer also can design according to the water tank's length, width, high then factory assembles.

The inlet pipe, the outlet pipe, the overflow caliber and the position of water tank is depends on the designing. All around the water tank should have no less than 700mm channels, the bottom and the cover should no less than 600mm. When it installed, the bottom and all around between the bottom standard plate's joins must be located on the support.

For the steel panel water tank series,there are three kinds of water tank:

1.Hot dip galvanized steel water tank

Carbon steel panel immersed in molten zinc solution to get Fe Zn alloy.Anti-corrosion from kinds of liquid.

2.Enameled steel water tank

Enameled steel plate surface to prevent the steel plate from rust .One layer black outside,double layers white inside.It can store drinking water .

3.Gush-paint steel water tank

In electrostatic interaction ,the powder absorbed in the panel surfact.Then through high temperature baking flow get finnal coationg effect.

Water Tank


Thickness of each panel(mm)
Bottom 1st side 2nd side 3rd side 4th side 5th side Top
1000 3 3 / / / / 2
1500 3 3 3 / / / 2
2000 3 3 3 / / / 2
2500 4 4 3 3 / / 2
3000 4 4 3 3 / / 2
3500 4 4 3 3 3 / 2
4000 5 5 4 3 3 / 2
4500 5 5 5 4 4 3 2
5000 5 5 5 4 4 3 2

Brief Introduction:

1.Raw material: carbon steel

2.Panel size: 1.22*1.22m,1*1m, 1*0.5m, 0.5*0.5m

3.Process technique: ramming craft

4.Connection way: bolted

5.Panel thickness(according to height):2-6mm,it based on the different height of water tank

6.Foundation: Concrete foundation and U-steel bottom base

7.Wide application: as the storage equipment for drinking water, reclaimed water and fire water,water tank has widely used in mining, residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, restaurants and other public facilities.

8.Water tank's thermal insulation: all kinds of water tank can were the thermal insulation coat to deal with temperatu-re  extremes.

9.Tank of different height use different bottom ,side and top panel strictly according to the assemble principle.

10.The assemble principle guarantee safety confficient by reasonable saving of materials.It can serve more than 50 years.

STEP-BY-STEP Assemble:

Step 1. Install steel footings on leveld concrete foundations.

Step 2. Align galvanized steel panel to be pre-assembled.

Step 3. Place rubber sealant from ready-to-use roll between panels.

Step 4. Conect panels with bolts and nuts.

Step 5. Position bottom panel sections,and finish up base of tank .

Step 6. Position three sides of the tank .

Step 7: Position and fix roof panels and if required ,roof support pipes and plates.

Step 8: Install reinforcement if required.

Step 9: Close up the tank with the fourth side .

Step 10.Finish the internal or external reinforcement .

Step 11.fill and test .


1. Please do not store water higher than 70°C or other liquid (chemicals, oil and so on).

2. Water tank must keep away from fire.

3. Prevent pollutants and plunges from outside.

4. Use soft apparatus to clean. As to the new water tank, clean twice before use