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FIG 7312 7312 HDPE Flange Adapter

4593 7312

The Gruvlok Figure 7312 HDPE Flange Adapter is a cost effective, easy to assemble, mechanical joint intended to connect HDPE pipe to any ASME/ANSI Class 125 or Class 150 flanged piping components without the need for costly fusion equipment. The Figure 7312 is compatible with HDPE pipe conforming to ASTM F714, D2447, D3000, or D3035 having wall thicknesses ranging from SDR 32.5 to SDR 7.3.

Each coupling uses two bolts to drive sharply machined teeth into the outside of the HDPE pipe. When the teeth effectively grip into the pipe, it provides a secure and rigid mechanical connection with pressure capabilities exceeding that of the HDPE pipe itself. The banks of teeth are positioned away from the gasket to enhance the coupling’s sealing ability throughout the operating temperature range. As a result, the temperature and pressure capabilities of the Figure 7307 Transition Coupling exceed the highest temperature and pressure ratings of the HDPE pipe.